Monday, February 2, 2015

And The Moon Is A Big Ol' Fat-Bellied Beauty Tonight

We made cookies today, peanut butter with sprinkles. Owen did an excellent job of applying the sprinkles very carefully, naming each cookie as he did so. He also licked the beater so clean that I really didn't need to wash it although I did. Gibson was mostly having a meltdown while this happened. It came out of the blue and one minute he was happy and the next he was crying unconsolably for no apparent reason and every question I asked him (Do you want some cookie dough? Would you like to lay on my bed and play with my phone? Do you want some ginger-ale? Would you like me to read you the train book, the fish book, the Little Red Hen Makes a Pizza book?) was answered with NO and yet, if I said, "Well, I'm going to go back in the kitchen now because obviously I am not helping you," he'd scream, "Don't leave me!" and hang on to my leg and then he finally settled down on the bed with the phone to watch the most hideous of videos- the Egg Surprise videos- and if you haven't watched these, give great thanks to your personal Deity Of Choice because they are the weirdest, most bizarre things on Youtube. Okay, probably not but I don't have any personal knowledge of those things. I can only imagine and really would rather not.

We also played ball, with them on the steps and me down at the bottom. We use a big blue ball and I throw it to them and they catch it and throw it back or let it bounce off their faces or heads or knees (it is very soft) and yell, "Not my face!" "Not my head!" "Not my knee!" and so forth and they laughed so hard that I laughed until I snorted. They were laughing so hard they had to hold onto each other to remain sitting up.

So that was all good except for the meltdown and hey- what's a little meltdown between friends?

The worst thing that happened today was that my Sony Discman died. Okay, stop laughing! I mean it! I listen to books on it from the library half the day. I listen while I do everything that doesn't require me to talk or write. And I'm in the middle of a very good book. Dammit! They cost so much to replace that I don't even want to discuss it. Yes, yes. I know. I could just get Audible on my phone. I think I will go to town tomorrow to see if I can find a cheaper brand replacement. In the meantime I am listening to podcasts and that's fine but I want to listen to my books!
Fucking depressing.

The temperature is dropping and I am so damn grateful to have a warm home, a cozy bed. My husband is out of town but Maurice and I will keep the home fires burning. I'm struggling a bit with the anxiety, the depression, but I will survive.

Owen said the sweetest thing to me today. He had a sprinkle caught under his fingernail and he could not get it out. I gave him a toothpick and said, "Try this."
He did and got it out immediately.
"Sometimes all you need is the right tool," I said.
"Sometimes all you need is the right Mer Mer," he said.
"Oh Owen! That's so sweet! Sometimes I wish I had a Mer Mer."
And he said, "I'll be your Mer Mer."
Oh my god. My heart just burst wide open.
He also later told me that I just "freaking love" him and his brother.
He's right. I do. 

Yeah. I'll survive. One way or another. 

Here's another picture. 

Just because I like it. That's on the corner of my kitchen door. Those star lights have been plugged in and working for about four years.

One more thing- is your Feedly all fucked up? Mine is. What's going on with those folks?
First world problems- Discmans and Feedly Fuck-ups.

I'll take 'em.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Yes my feedly is f'd up. Mostly for your posts. For the last several days or maybe a week they don't come up as new for a few days. So I just come here and check every so often.

    Have fun snuggling with that cat.

  2. Oh that Owen. My daughter has a friend who is a big, cuddly, kind hearted boy. His mother posted on facebook that while giving her one of his patented bear hugs, he'd told her that she was so wise, he would remember all the things she'd told him and say them back to her when she'd got too old to remember anything! Gah!

    I love the picture of you guys all laughing. I love Owen's beautiful EQ. Special children, each of them. And you!

  3. The day I will forever remember is the day my (now almost 18-year-old) granddaughter said to me, 'you're my favoritest, MawMaw, cuz you do cartwheels with me!'

  4. be still my heart! that owen, that angel child. and his equally angelic brother gibson. lord, i remember those meltdowns. my girl never had then but my son made up for the two of them. they get through it. you really are a most amazing and wonderful mer mer.

  5. I love your family. Sweet Jo

  6. Well, this was all very entertaining in the most soothing of ways, which I so very much need right now. To be soothed. And while I know it's not about me, I just thank you.

    As for the Feedly -- all I know is that your blog no longer moves up my long line of blogs on the roll when you post something new.

  7. Those boys. Sweeter than cookies with sprinkles on top. Even with a meltdown. You are loved.

  8. It is so wonderful to know a child who has empathy and kindness and consideration and overwhelming love. Even if they are not your own. They are thinkers and problem-solvers, peace makers and scholars and sometimes not well-liked by their peers when they reach adolescence, but it is just wonderful to watch them grow and form a protective bubble around themselves that holds in all that goodness.

  9. Love this. Made me so happy over my not-so-tasty lunch between patients. :)

  10. Kids laughing so hard they can't sit up is the best medicine. For anything.

  11. I'm going to sound like a complete moron but what is a Feedly?! I don't think I have one.

    Is it my imagination or has Owen's hair become much darker?

  12. My Sony died, too. One day we were on the Books Unlimited channel and the next the books I download could not locate Sony's "certificate." Pretty new Sony, too. I bought a Sandisc. That's all I know. Keep warm, pat Maurice for me.

  13. Jill- I'm having delays in everyone's feed. Damn.

    Jo- He's a sweet, sweet boy. Then he'll turn around and poke me in the butt.

    Catrina- You're beating me in the cartwheels stuff for sure.

    Angella- Yep. Some of my kids had them and some did not. We do get through them.

    Sweet Jo- And I love you!

    Elizabeth- Glad I could be soothing. That blog roll thing is pissing me off. Which is not soothing.

    Denise- I know I am loved. Having the grands around to tell me surely helps.

    Peace Thyme- I am very curious to see how Owen grows up. I don't want him to lose his sweetness.

    Gradydoctor- Thank you! You need better lunches!

    jenny_o- Absolutely!

    Steve Reed- Feedly is what I replaced my beloved Google Reader with. What do you use? Yes, Owen's hair is getting darker for sure.

    Joanne- Ugh. Why can't things work right forever?

  14. If you notice I said that my granddaughter will be 18 soon, which makes the days of cartwheeling approximately 15 years ago....those days are LONG gone! LOL

  15. When my son was very little he hugged me and said "you have no idea how much I love you." They just take the breath away sometimes. Love, Glimmer

  16. the star lights, do they change color? cause I have some of those too.

    when the twins were little bittys, I guess around Gibson's age and I would go next door to play with them when I got ready to leave, Jade would wrap her arms around my leg 'don't go, don't go. I would drag her all the way to the door before I could untangle myself.

  17. I just click down the sidebar on my blog and catch up with them all that way. I don't have Feedly or Google Reader or anything like that.

  18. Our library has an audio book download for free if you are a member. It is really cool and downloads to my iPhone. I wonder if your library has any of that.


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