Saturday, February 7, 2015

Life. Both Wild And Domestic

Saturday morning and I am being lazy, lazy, sitting here on the porch in the sun like a cat, watching the chickens scratching for the birdseed that the cardinals and finches have kicked off the feeder. I keep thinking of things I "should" do and then melt back into sunny sloth.

Ducks. One in a pond. Perhaps because it's spring-like, I have a completely unreasonable desire to find a boy duck stud to mate with Lilly and Willie. Or would this be destructive to their sweet relationship with each other? I have no idea but can you imagine the cuteness of a little line of ducklings waddling about the yard? Oh my god.

Sunshine through palm leaves.

Leafing out spirea with Ms. Mabel in the background.

Mick "Spare Parts" Jagger.

The lovely and delicate Maurice, licking her lips after just eating the brains out of a squirrel's head.

Love from Lloyd!
Ms. Moon


  1. Rebecca- I thought you'd like that. Cats. "Off with their heads!" they say as they attack a squirrel. Just like the queens they are.

  2. Ah, Maurice! The great hunter!

    I forget -- are Lilly and Willie both female? A little line of ducklings would be pretty awesome, but they'd become ducks at some point, which might overtax the avian limitations of your yard!

  3. Sunny sloth. Ducklings. You had me.
    Uh. Then. Squirrel brains....
    Hey, my mom used to pan-fry squirrel that my dad hunted, so I don't know why I'm finding squirrel brains so yucky. Maybe because they'd be better with gravy?

  4. Catching up again. Damn. I can't seem to get to the computer much anymore. Staying busy and quite happy.

  5. I've been lazy here today. In my defense, it's cold and I just don't have it in me to do anything more than stay warm.

  6. Mick Jagger almost revives my long-abandoned notions of keeping some chickens. I really like all his colors.

  7. "Delicate Maurice" for sure. She sure "looks" innocent! My cat Ollie has never been outside and even during my recent break-in when the burglar left the sliding glass door open, he hid under layers of bedding rather then venture out. I was lucky really but I wonder what he'd do outside and if he could even survive. Not that I want any squirrel gifts or anything. Sweet Jo

  8. Steve Reed- Yes. Willie and Lilly are both lady-ducks and they have a fine sensual and constant relationship. And no, I do not need any more ducks. Although, god. That would be so cute.

    Denise- Before Billy's Maw-Maw and Paw-Paw moved into assisted living they had Glen bring them some squirrels to fry up. They knew they weren't getting any of that in the AL. And you can bet your boots there was gravy.

    Syd- I like thinking of you being busy and happy. I really do.

    Youngatheart- They must be the best part. For a cat.

    Heartinhand- I took a two-hour nap this afternoon and it was a balmy sixty-something here today. So...there you go.

    A- He's a calico beauty. A crazy quilt of a rooster.

    Sweet Jo- You haven't lived until you've been gifted with a decapitated squirrel! Okay. Maybe you have.
    I'm so glad your kitty was smart enough to hide.

  9. Ummmm..warm sesos. Maurice has an international palate.

  10. that reminds me. I want a spirea. there was one growing outside my window when I was growing up. and spring is made for being lazy in the sun, unless of course you're working your butt off in the garden.


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