Friday, February 6, 2015

We Go Gently, Each In Our Ways

Sometimes (frequently) I wonder why people come here. I do not lead an exciting life nor do I live in a fabulous city. I don't know famous people. I don't travel very much. Hell, I barely leave the yard. I write about my chickens and my ducks and my garden and my family- my husband, my children, my grandchildren. My friends. I write about the tiny village I live in. Sometimes I tackle bigger issues. Ones that are dear and important to my heart, mostly. I talk about what I'm cooking for dinner. 
I talk about the weather. 
I talk about my cat. I talk way too much about my feelings and I talk about aging and being in love forever and the things blooming in my yard. 

So when I discovered this blog and started reading it and became quickly fascinated by the life of a man on the other side of the pond named John Gray who keeps chickens and ducks and geese and has dogs and a wedding coming up and who lives in a village populated by extremely colorful people and who works as a nurse and who loves to bake, it got me thinking.
Maybe I love his blog for the same reason people come here. 
Maybe some people like to take a breath and think about the sweet small lives that more people used to live. I don't know. All I know is that I'm glad that people do like to come here and I'm just as glad to know that there are people like John in Traylawnyd, North Wales, who love their birds and beasts, who love to write about their lives in their own small places, their loves and frustrations and what they like to eat.  

Here's Miss Camellia who has been sitting on the nest in the pump house. She actually laid me a slightly-green egg the other day and you know what? I was THRILLED! 
And this morning is clear and cool and the light is shining through the chicken's combs, making them the most scarlet color of all and Boppy went into town to take Owen to school and hang out with Gibson so that Lily could go to a doctor's appointment

and Maurice is breaking my heart because she only wants to sleep with Mr. Moon now and Jason is going to be the coach of Owen's T-Ball team and next weekend Lon and Lis are coming and we're going to go to Apalachicola and last night I made the most delicious venison and vegetable soup and also rosemary and cheese bread and it is Friday and I am going to go take a walk. 

And here's a video that John Gray posted today.

It made me tear up.

I was talking to someone the other day about blogs and I said, "My favorite blogs are the heart-blogs."
You know what I'm talking about. And whether we love the Rolling Stones as I do or The Walking Dead, as John Gray does, or whether we are parents or photographers or writers or police officers or school teachers or attorneys or artists or midwives or, or, or...
if I read your blog, it is because it is really and truly about love and heart.

And I would hope that that's why you read mine.

Well, as Mr. Gray would say, "Hey ho!" and I as usually say,

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I've thought for a long time that your blog is GOING GENTLY 's sister blog...
    You are oh so right when you mention the small things in life...attention to detail is the key to be happy......see the nice things at home.......
    You do that well

    Thank you for linking me
    Hey ho jxxxxx

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  3. John Gray- When I first went to your blog and saw your header I thought, "Oh my. Here is my brother."
    Thank you for being who you are and for writing about it all so beautifully.

  4. Well now I shall have to go visit John Gray because I do love me some Mary Moon! Thanks for sharing the wealth. The true wealth.

  5. It's the same reason I love memoirs, I think. It's just good to see how other people live.

    I don't like the shiny blogs of the beautiful people in beautiful settings. They make me envious and small. But the heart blogs make me big.

  6. I don't know. It's the blogs where the writers write about their lives that I read consistently, the ones that show me who they are and a couple of photography blogs.

  7. I have been reading John for quite a while now, and he is a wonderful writer. He can make the most mundane things very interesting. He is also one of the nicest people I have ever not met!

  8. What you say is true...that IS why we love you and also John, even the Hippo on the lawn over in Africa... although his life seems a lot more dangerous! It's sunny and cold as frick here today...

  9. I've been reading your blog for oh, 6? 7? years now, apart from a short time after my sister died as she loved you too (we used to email each other 'did you read what Mary Moon wrote today?') and it hurt too much... I read you in the dark of the night on my phone while feeding my newborn daughter, and I read you now with my morning coffee before the day starts. I rarely have time to comment - I sometimes click through intending to and read everyone else's and forget my own! Your blog is my quiet time, I breathe in the details, all the small things, and in turn I stop and look at the small things of my day. It reminds me to breathe. Thank you x Helen

  10. Dear Mrs Moon, I think I love you xxxx and your blog xxx I also follow and read Gioing Gently . It is the lovely musings of daily life and seeing the joy in simple things( and animals ) xxxx

  11. Oops sorry ,I said Mrs Moon instead of Ms Moon.

  12. Oh I just love all of this. Your blog. A new blog I am going to go visit now. Our community.

  13. You know what Mary? In a way, I am just the opposite. Although I am enthralled with my life on my mountaintop every day and would not change it for the world and find each blade of grass and each pile of elk or bear scat very interesting......I have never thought it would interest anyone else. I am never bored with my life or where I am in it, but I am afraid that it might be very mundane to others.

    p.s. Thank you for the picture of Elvis today. Swoon, swoon!

  14. I come here to remind myself that there are a few good folks still left in the world. Thank you for your daily reminders of that.

  15. Angella- He is a treat!

    Ms. Vesuvius- Is there anything more interesting than the lives of humans? I really don't think so. And going to blogs can be like peeping into a lit house from the darkness. Not that I've ever done that! But you know what I mean- you can look in and see a glimpse of a life you've never perhaps imagined and for a few moments you think about what it would be like if you lived in that house on that road in that block. It's a lovely thing.

    Ellen Abbott- Yes! I want to hear about the heart of it. And pictures are always nice.

    Frances- I AGREE!

    Big Mambird- I do not know about that Hippo on the lawn blog. I will look for it.

    Helen- You have no idea how much your comment touched my heart. I swear to you- to be able to imagine someone calling a sister to talk about what I wrote, to be able to imagine a mama nursing her baby and reading what I've written- it just makes me feel like okay, this is so right. So thank you. And I am so sorry about your sister. One never recovers from something like that. Not entirely.
    Thank you for taking the time from your busy day to write these words to me. I cherish them.

    Leisha- I answer to Mrs. or Ms. or Mary. Same-same-same. I am all of those. Also, as you know, Mer.
    Thank you. So much.

    Jill- Isn't it all amazing? This ability to find our kindred spirits? Thank you for being one of them.

    Peace, Thyme- I think it all depends on how you write about whatever it is you write about. Don't you? Have you tried to write about your life? Perhaps you should!
    I am glad you like Elvis. He is a rooster to be admired.

    anonova- I think there are LOTS of good people still left in this world. I am glad to be able to remind you. Thank you.

  16. I come here everyday, for me it is more than a glimpse into someone else's life. I love your blog because I can relate to so much of what you write. I read other blogs but rarely feel the urge to comment, somehow I just knew I had to let you know I was reading and enjoying your story. Gail

  17. The reason I read blogs. It is all about Connection. Love and Connection.

    I passed this video on to my kids. Their father has strong views on who should marry whom and has tried to instill this into our children. (One of the reasons I divorced him.) I know now that Love is bigger than hate because my kids support marriage in all its forms.

  18. Ms Moon, the Hippo blog is one of the blogs John Grey follows, you'll find it in his blog list, quite a different take on home and yard life.., and yet..!

  19. I honestly don't think I'd like my life nearly as much if I didn't have your blog and you. I'm serious about that.

  20. I like your heart blog. I find more and more that just my every day existence is simple and revolves around just a few things. And I am okay with that.


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