Sunday, February 8, 2015

Take Me To The River

When we got to the river, Boppy told Gibson that he could be the captain. Gibson took this quite seriously and was somewhat offended when Boppy would not sit in the mate's chair and let him drive the boat all by himself.

He got over it. 

It was a beautiful day on the river. We saw turtles and lots of birds. It was warm enough but certainly not hot. We waved at everyone. 

Monkey boys. Gibson likes to say, "Ahoy, my lady!" When we went to get on the boat, I told him that he had to say, "Permission to come aboard!" He was already scrambling over the side and said, "I want a board!" Ah. Almost three-year olds. 

Owen and Lily did some jacket sharing.

That involved a lot of giggling. Those boys love to cuddle and snuggle and wrestle with their mama. She has always and will always remind me of a mother bear with her cubs. Such a good, good mama she is. 

Here's my handsome man, trying to untangle some line.

No fish at all were biting and no one we passed on the river reported any catches either. Oh well. There's always another day. 

It wasn't a long trip but it was long enough and when we got home I raced to finish up the soup I was making for the folks across the street and I made some biscuits too. When I called to tell them I was bringing it over, I found out that Paul's sister had died a few hours ago. In peace and easily. 
Bless, bless, bless. 
We took the soup and biscuits over and gave and got some hugs. I told the family that it was a fine tribute to their care and love that she had gone on when she'd said she was ready. May we all be so lucky. And what a beautiful day she chose on which to die! Spring-like in every way. A sunny, blue-skied Sunday with the air a tea-olive perfumed balm. She wanted to come home to die and she did and her family and oldest friends were with her. They are all taking comfort in each other and in that holy peace which can only be felt after a good death.

A good day to go out on the river, a good day to head into that other place where we all shall go. 

Life and death, life and death, life and death, life and death, life and death. 
Love and light, love and light, love and light, love and light, love and light. 


Love...Ms. Moon


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    1. Goodness. I posted a heart and it came up a question mark. It was a beautiful day indeed.

  2. Ah, I miss times with my mom and dad when my kids were small. Going on the boat (we must have 1000 pictures!) was so much fun. The kids came home happy with sunburned faces and slept like babies.

  3. The picture of Lily with Gibson tucked away in her jacket warmed my heart. The news of the death caught me off guard and my heart did a little jolt. Love and light indeed. I can imagine how much your warm soup and biscuits comforted your neighbors. You are a good being Ms. Moon. That leaves my heart feeling good. Sweet Jo

  4. It's been storming here, tree limbs
    cracking and slamming to the ground,
    winds so spooky that when they abate enough to hear the wall of sound the tree frogs are making that too takes on a threatening, Hitchcock sort of
    nerve-jangling edge. All very different from drifting along quiet waters on a Sunday afternoon. But I certainly echo your chant. Love and light. Kindness and grace.

  5. Beautiful pictures of beautiful people. It sounds like a grand day.

  6. Sounds like a great day! I am looking forward to some balmy Florida weather.

  7. Dear Mary, this weekend my life fell apart and everything I thought I knew about my personal little world is now all unknown. I have some wonderful people here to help me walk through it. Your blog helps me. It does. I have long since stopped finding that strange, and am left with gratitude and deep respect for the grounding your words offer. Thank you, again. Love and light.

  8. May your neighbor rest in peace. And may those climbing boys make as much racket as they can. That photo of Gibson climbing is adorable.

  9. Heartinhand- Crying is good for our souls. I swear it is.

    LBags- There is rarely ever NOT a question mark in my experience. It was a fine, fine day.

    Birdie- They love being on the water, don't they?
    I am so glad we can do this.

    Sweet Jo- My neighbors are the sort of people who would do anything for us and I want to be that sort for them. They are GOOD PEOPLE. We are so lucky to have them. They know what love is.

    A- Storms push my adrenalin button. Even as I am loving them, they are making me crazy. I hope it's more peaceful there today.

    Elizabeth- Yes m'am. It was.

    Steve Reed- Balmy is nice!

    Lain T- Oh hell, honey. That sounds horrible. I have been through times like that. One in particular that I call "The Time Of Terror." And it was. But I came out the other end better off in all ways. I hope with all of my heart that you do as well. Sending love.

    Angella- They are making all the racket in the world! Boys. Boys. Boys. How I love them. How crazy they can make me!

  10. life and death. babies are born and old people die. it is the way of it.


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