Tuesday, February 17, 2015

And The Beat Goes On

So far, this morning is insane.
First off, Elvis is frantically trying to keep a hormone-infused Mick off the hens. Mick is frantically trying to get ON the hens. This makes for a lot of activity in the back yard. Also, the finches are here in droves as well as the cardinals and an occasional red-headed woodpecker. Maurice is observing all of this with great interest and feigned disinterest.

I slept late because I stayed up and watched a BBC show after the British Bake Off (they sent Martha home! sob!) about the Tower of London. Then I read into the wee hours.
Now Jessie and Lily and I are trying to decide if we're going to do something today and if so, what? I have spoken on the phone to Jessie, to Lily, to Owen and to Gibson. I finally told Lily to call Jessie.
We are so wishy-washy.
And now Mick has thrown caution to the winds and is crowing.
So Elvis is crowing. Trixie is singing her little song. It is gray here and it rained all night and tomorrow it's going to get so cold.

Front-of-the-newspaper-headlines cold. 

Okay. I am going to town. We are going to Costco which is not just a retail experience but a recreational experience. Then lunch. 

I suppose I better eat some yogurt or something and get dressed. 

I hope these birds all behave themselves while I'm gone. Willy has just exited the pond after her morning swim. I'm a bit worried about the ducks because for the past two days I've only gotten one egg from them. 

Do you see how exciting my life is? No wonder I am so stressed out and agitated all the time. Who wouldn't be?

I'll try to keep it together. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Lots of drama at the Luna casa I see. I hope those roosters can get along.

  2. Check the pond..? Oftentimes a duck will let one loose in the water...My mother's ducks made such a habit that when I emptied her pond there were tons of eggs, shoveled out with the muck, it was surreal...

  3. I, too, have stress in my life. We just bought a fifth wheel RV in which we'll be spending our winters in Florida. For the last two weeks I've had dreams about where to store the dog food, where to place Maggie the Wonder Dog's food and water bowls, what color and how big trash cans should be, what color towels I need, is the drawer big enough for a full-size silverware tray, and what kind of dishes we need. So today we went to visit the trailer and I got all my answers. Guess I'll need something else to stress about now. No worries....I'm sure I'll come up with something.

  4. I am off work for 6 days and I intend to not be stressed out as much as possible. Will see. Right now I am sitting watching Downton Abbey with my feet up. I just may do a bit of housework. Or not.

    I would love to see the crowing on your blog. It sounds hilarious.

  5. I am not looking forward to this cold weather. I was just outside in a t-shirt and enjoying it so much!

  6. Very over the cold here. And the frickin' rain too.


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