Friday, February 13, 2015

The Circle

Lis and I have this thing we say when we get in a car to go somewhere together which is, "I can't believe we're getting away with this again!"
Doesn't matter where we're going. We say it. Then we laugh, we giggle, we hit the road.
Same-same today. We don't shop like we used to. Lord, god, how we used to shop back when we were in our gathering days. We had to HIDE THE BAGS when we got in. And you know what? We both still wear clothes we bought back in those days. Not to mention the jewelry.
So it was good. And it's still good.
We crossed and recrossed Tallahassee three times. We went and had coffee at a local coffee shop and then we went to the Hippie Store and we bought cards and then we went to meet Lily and the boys for lunch. We got there before they did and my grandsons walked in holding bouquets of tiny roses for both of us, Owen still dressed in his Valentine's Day finery. It was fun. It was so sweet.
My Lily girl whom Lis knew when she was a most unhappy toddler and who now loves her for that and for who she is now. Lis and I can look at each other and communicate these thoughts.
There is nothing like long-loved love and friendship. God I am so lucky to have that.
After lunch we drove back across town and went and spent time in a make-up store. You heard me. Then we drove to Jessie and Vergil's house and I showed it to Lis who had not seen it. She loved it and loved the fact that a picture she gave to them is hanging over their mantle piece. We left a little gift of pretty refrigerator magnets and left, feeling so good about how our Jessie and her darling are doing with this house. It's right around the block from a house that Lon and Lis lived in when their son Walker was a little boy so it just felt very, very good. And then we went to Marshall's and then we drove another way across town and went to TJ Maxx and Trader Joe's. And then we went to the liquor store.

Look what I got at TJ Maxx:

Another Virgin of Guadalupe necklace! That other beautiful necklace I'm wearing? Lis gave me that. 
All day long I kept getting compliments on the fringed leather jacket I was wearing. I'd just nod towards Lis and say, "She gave it to me. Isn't it beautiful?" 
All my best stuff comes from Lis. 

We had so much fun. 
And now Mr. Moon is cooking us a pork tenderloin on the grill and we have potatoes roasting and greens cooking and muffins ready to go in the oven. Lon's not back from his day of work yet (spent doing sound for a recording) and we're looking forward to our little coven to be back together again. To call up the bubble around the four of us. 

The funniest thing happened today when Lis and I went to the coffee shop. We went outside to sit on a sunny bench beside the water to drink our coffee and Lis was on the phone, talking and I was looking at my phone (we are not unusual in these things) and I heard a tiny tinkling bell which sounded just like Maurice's bell. I looked beside me and there was a cat who looked exactly like Maurice except that she was about twice Maurice's size. For a second I thought I was dreaming- how did my cat get to Lake Ella and find me? But then I realized that of course she was not Maurice but she wanted a head scratch, which I gave her. 

It's been that sort of day. A little bit magic, a whole lot fun. 

We're listening to Will The Circle Be Unbroken and the muffins are ready now. 
Waiting for Lon to make the circle complete.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. It's the best feeling to have a life-long friend, isn't it? I have one that I've known since first grade. Though we've lived a thousand miles apart for years we still talk regularly, and when she comes into town we always find a way to sneak off for a few hours. Yes, long-loved friends are the bestest!

  2. The Maurice look alike was just to punctuate the magic that is you and Lis because I do believe Maurice is a spirit animal who showed up right on time. Your friendship with Lis is such a beautiful one. I think we can have more than one soul mate and she is one of yours.

  3. Sounds like an excellent adventure. Glad to hear you and Lis had a whole lot of fun. Hope the fun continues on into the weekend. Take care Ms. Moon.

  4. so simple, so lovely and soothing. a day in the life. Ms Moon, you are a marvel.

  5. Holy crap that cat is big! Now that is a CAT!


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