Friday, February 6, 2015

Eggs And Other Stuff

I swear to you, I don't think I've been in a better mood than I have been today since I last ovulated.
Which was, oh gosh. Ten years ago?
Still, I remember the way I felt for a day or two every month, back in those olden days. How I felt as if I approved of almost everything, even humanity for the most part, and could see the beauty around me in ways that I could not most other days. Not only see it but appreciate it with open, unclouded eyes. To let that beauty seep into me and make me happy. To feel loving and not anxious. To feel capable.
I felt all of those things today and I got a few things that I dread to do done which makes my whole body sigh with relief. Those little niggling things that shouldn't be a problem- phone calls, errands done. Simple, silly things that I run from, generally, as fast and determinedly as I can. But today I did them. And I had lunch with Hank at a new little taco joint that he had discovered where the tacos are delicious and cheap and they have macha sauce! And they don't charge extra for guac on your taco. Three tacos for six bucks and you can have three different types and I did and I asked for corn tortillas and the guy gave me three extra, underneath my tacos and I gobbled the tacos up and brought home the extra tortillas and the chips for my chickens. So much better than Chipotle's which to my mind, is highly overrated. Hank and I talked about a lot of stuff but we ended up talking about books and oh, how I love the fact that my kids like to read! Hank reads more than I do and May probably does too and we share books and we share titles and it's such a joy. There is something about having grown-up children who want to spend time with you, who share interests with you that is something you can't even really imagine when they are young.
But it happens.
And oh, how lucky I am that it has happened to me.
"Kiss me, baby," I say when I leave. "I love you."
"I love you."
"See you soon!"
"See you soon."
Ah. Pleasure.

So. Those eggs. I am making a Pavlova tonight for our dessert.

The recipe I am using comes from an old Weight Watchers cookbook as some of my best recipes do. I halved this one tonight and I used one duck egg, and two chicken eggs from two different hens. Can you see the difference in their yolks? Colors and sizes? I've put the yolks into the refrigerator to save for something else and whipped the whites with all that stuff you see in the recipe.

I know there's really no scale there but trust me- that's a nice big bunch of whipped egg whites. Very fresh eggs yield more than store-bought. And that is the truth.

It's baked and is now in the sitting-in-the-oven phase of preparation. Before I put it in the oven, I sprinkled a few chocolate chips on it because...well, that's obvious. Chocolate.

Here's what it looks like in the oven.

Now if all goes well, in a few hours it will be crunchy on the outside and soft in the middle and I will put berries and a little ice cream on it and it will be heaven. 

Mr. Moon has just come home and soon we will have a martini and it's Friday night and this weekend I might plant my peas and potatoes if the weather is fine. How satisfying it would feel to get those in the ground. I can feel the planet turning towards spring and Hank and I were talking about that and how glorious it is to live here now, this time of year. He said that he was just thinking that, looking down his street. The candy-blue sky as he called it, the glossy green leaves, the palms, the crazy beautiful pink of the full-blooming Japanese magnolias. 

Well. That's enough of that sort of effusiveness. The sun is setting. The church folks next door are gathering. Soon the sound of bass and drums will be heard, blending with the song of the frogs. 
And because I am in the mood I am now, I do not hate him. Well, very much. Mostly I just feel sorry for his ignorant, intolerant, prejudiced ass. Which, by the way, Hank suggested he use to shove his bill up into after it has been folded until it's all corners.

My children. I love them. 
I love you too.

Happy Friday.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I am so impressed by the Pavlova -- and you give me hope talking about how wonderful your relationship is with your children!

  2. And I love you.
    And your dessert. Holy moly. Impressive.

  3. Can you come and cook for me for maybe a week? I think that would solve all my problems for ever.

  4. What an asshat!
    When my transgender son uses the preferred gender bathroom, it's not to molest, peek at, abuse the other patrons. HE'S IN THERE BECAUSE HE HAS TO PEE!
    If anything, he's more scared to run into some ignorant arse who will do harm to him because clearly there are people like this asshat senator out in the world.

  5. I've never heard of pavlova but we went to the local barbecue place yesterday and they had a lemon meringue pie and I swear the meringue alone was 5" tall.

    and yes it is a blessing that your grown children want to spend time with you.

  6. Elizabeth- It's like one day your kids are in the same club you are. And they already know the secret handshakes and all the passwords.

    Denise- It was delicious!
    And I love you!

    Sabine- Oh. If only that would work!

    Heartinhand- Amen, sister. Such a shithead.
    Love to Gus.

    Ellen Abbott- I make a mean lemon meringue pie. Yes I do. And I am SO lucky with my kids.

  7. That pavlova looks amazing! That's one thing we haven't made here. I'm thinking we need to get cracking. So to speak.

    As for the Republican: What an idiot.

  8. I just looked that guy up. I'm surprised he represents a district in Miami. I thought sure he'd come from, oh, Pasco County or something. You never know, right?!

  9. Awesome looking cake.

    Please don't get me started with the wing nuts. I don't have much tolerance for them. In fact, none. Working hard to close my eyes and breathe while thinking of little lambs and puppy dogs.

  10. you know, i don't just love you, i love your children and grandchildren, too. Your whole wonderful family. Whom you raised with that fine man of yours. You did good, dear Mary. So good.

  11. WHAT? That dessert looks crazy amazing, like a big meringue?


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