Thursday, February 12, 2015

Melissa Made Us All A Little Better Looking Just In Time For Valentines

I swear to you- I think I am exploring new worlds of mental illness. My switch got flipped from anxiety to mania today. We went to get our hair cut and all of a sudden, I was talking like a meth-head who'd just scored.
Blah, blah, blah, blah. I'm surprised Gibson didn't turn around in the chair and yell, "Mer! Be quiet!"
We did have fun though. I love going to see Melissa.  She is sweet as honey and funny as hell and she's the wife of our dear Juancho whom I could only love more if he posted more frequently.
I think Owen has a bit of a crush on her.

You think? 
Gibson loves her too. When we left he gave her a big ol' lolly-pop flavored kiss. Owen was too shy but he did give her some high fives. And I think maybe a hug. Or perhaps that was just me. 

We had forgotten how amazing these eyebrows are, covered as they were by his bangs. 

Lily got her hair trimmed and I got a few inches chopped off my own hair. On the way to our appointment, Owen told me that I should get Melissa to make my hair golden. "Golden is prettier than silver," he said with great confidence. 
I told him that's too bad, it's silver for me from now on out. 
Lily asked him what he thought of red hair, which is what she has. 
"Cowabunga!" he said. 

Lon and Lis will be here in a little while. I'm going to make us a simple supper of poached eggs with spinach and tomatoes and mushrooms. I am so excited to see them. The four of us always slip immediately into such a sweet place. We know each other to the bone and we love each other to the marrow. 
I can't say it plainer than that. 

I think I'll go start cooking spinach and mushrooms. 
Valentine's Celebrations shall now begin.

Hearts and love from a silver-haired old granny...Ms. Moon


  1. No matter what you did to yourselves you all couldn't get better looking then you already are. And that's just the damn truth of it. Sweet Jo

  2. Ahem. Ahem. We are silver foxes. Especially on Valentine's Day.!

  3. I love how guileless children are in their opinions. Adorable.

  4. I have been struck practically dumb. Just a dullard work mule.

  5. The boys look terrific! Such cute little guys :)

    Glad the anxiety is gone.

  6. Good looking fellows, those grandchildren.


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