Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Small, Simple, Good

We've decided that Fanny's Cafe should serve this as an appetizer and call it The Gibson. This is what Gibson gets at Fanny's. And he can eat that plate of pickled okra and deviled eggs faster than a cat can wink its eye.

Owen has found a new favorite which is the BL sandwich.

He don't need no stinking tomato and yes, he ate the whole thing. 
He has a new thing he says and when he says it, Lily and I have to bring our laughter under control before we can tell him that this is not a polite thing to say. What he says is, Shut the fridge!" when we tell him something that's hard to believe. 
Oh my god. He makes us laugh. 

It was such a fun day although the boys were a little wild but they are boys and that is the way of them. Lily and Hank and I took them to Fanny's and we met two of May's most devoted customers. Two sweet ladies of a certain age, definitely southern, and they could not love May more. 
"Yes, she's a jewel!" I said after they discovered I was her mama.
"Oh! She is SO much more than a jewel!" one of them said. They have been friends so long, it appears to me that they finish each other's sentences in the sweetest, most lovely voices so that they sound almost like two beautiful birds together. 

After lunch I bought a new CD player at the Best Buy. Brought it home and it won't play. Jesus Fuck that made me mad. I called the damn company. After putting me on hold for about fifteen minutes (and it was the absolute worst hold-music I'd ever heard, loud and scratchy and annoying) the girl came back on to tell me to return it to the store.
Well. Duh.
I looked it up on Amazon for reviews after I bought it and from the reviews I would have actually purchased it. And since it was the only kind they sell at Best Buy, I didn't really have much choice if I wanted to buy one there. I told the girl that really, this was unacceptable. She apologized but what else could she do? I did not mention the Muzak but I should have. 

Part II of CD player replacement will commence tomorrow. 

Mr. Moon is home, egg rolls are in the oven. A favorite meal. I am so glad to have him home. 

And so, life is fine. The full moon is coming up from behind the clouds and the frogs are starting to twitter again. Here we are, one more day on this planet Earth and I was glad to live it. 


  1. The boys are SO cute I could eat them and the food looks good too. It makes me hungry, especially the bacon and I already had dinner - not good. SHUT THE FRIDGE works in a lot of different situations! I am glad you had such a good day. Sweet Jo

  2. The fuck? Why must there always be a problem with every purchase we make these days? And good luck with a warranty. If it breaks after a week or two, too bad!

  3. The boys are growing so fast Owen looks about eight in that picture, they are so cute. Gail

  4. Such handsome boys. I'm with Gibson. Deviled eggs all day long if I could.

  5. Is there even such a thing as good on-hold music? If so, I've never heard it. Some places play it real loud and that's even worse.

    It's so aggravating to get something that doesn't work. Especially when you hate to shop to start with.

  6. I, like Gibson, adore deviled eggs. In fact, it's after midnight here on the west coast, and I'm wondering if I should go to the kitchen and make some.

  7. Gorgeous boys, but they seem to eat a lot! What are egg rolls?

  8. I noticed the moon last night, so big and full. The days are getting longer too. It's about time!

    Owen looks nine. He's starting to loose his little boy looks and getting little man looks. Sigh. They grow up so fast!

  9. Oh, those boys. Sorry about your CD player. It's soooo infuriating when a new thing is broken right out of the package.
    Welcome full moon. Welcome, Mr. Moon.

  10. That's a bummer about the CD player. So much brand-new stuff is just plain junk.

  11. The boys are really getting big. Time flies.

    I agree with Steve about the stuff made today is mostly junk. Not meant to last.


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