Monday, February 2, 2015

Where To Begin?

It rained all night and it's supposed to get cold today and the sound of that rain last night was the gentlest of lullabies but I still had the horrible dreams, up to and including blood. There is no sort of fear that I do not seem to have and they play out all night, every night, unspooling in one long reel after another.
It's one of those mornings when I think I have got to get my shit together or at least clear up some of the clutter in this life, this brain, this house, this soul.

I suppose I could start in the kitchen.



  1. Sounds like spring cleaning for the soul...

  2. I don't know why but you and a bunch of others are no longer showing up in my blogroll. *sigh* I thought I would check by because I thought you hadn't been posting.

    Anyway, here I am also having a life full of clutter that is weighing me down.

  3. I spent the whole day yesterday cleaning out my craft room. To say I have a lot of supplies is putting it mildly.

    Today my plan was to do a couple of closets. So far, I've gone for breakfast with my girlfriends and went to the grocery store. And ate a half bag of chips.

    TIs the season for misery.

  4. Oy. I hope the day has unspooled something pretty.

  5. I'm so sorry. My sister is having terrible anxiety as well. I've been wondering if it's seasonal sometimes, like depression.

    I hope yours lets up soon.

  6. ordering things on the outside always makes my insides feel better.

    this too shall pass- <3


  7. I've been having long involved dreams but they just tickle at the edges of my memory. My first waking conscious thought usually drives the dreams to the far corners and the harder I try to remember, the more they recede.

  8. It's Tuesday already, just reading your Monday post and I am feeling you, effed up dreams as well. Plus I've started obsessing over the tiny house movement, thinking of the liberation from so much stuff, but its an Everest of stuff, a long long climb. I started with the refrigerator, there was some funky stuff in there. :)


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