Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Back To Boring

Well, I'm up before ten which is a good thing. I'm going to go to Lily's and join her and her passel of young'uns and we're going to the library because I have things to return and a fine to pay before they'll let me get any more audio books and I am ADDICTED TO AUDIO BOOKS AND I FINISHED THE LAST ONE I HAD LAST NIGHT and to lead life as I need to, I must have more.

That's the book I just finished listening to and it's an excellent book to listen to while you're weeding or doing laundry or (theoretically) housework.

After the library we're meeting up with Hank for lunch and then we have to go to Costco and then Publix and THEN we're going back to Lily's house where I will stay with the children so that Lily can take their new cat (Sonny Boy) to get his free rabies shot. 

Gonna be a long, long, long day. 

So. Just reporting in. Did you survive the 4th? We did. Freedom rang until long after I was in bed in that the people of Lloyd were doing things with fireworks or firecrackers or something, quite possibly guns to be honest) that was loud and I was glad I didn't have a dog who would be scared. The cats just ignored the whole battery of auditory assaults, looking pissed as usual. 

God, it's hot.

Love...Ms. Moon

P.S. Since I got back from Cuba (and am well and truly weaned from my antidepressant) my dreams have changed. Mostly, they're boring as shit. But last night I did dream that I went over to Stephanie Neilson's house (she's the Mormon blogger) and told a whole bunch of people who were doing something religious that they were full of shit. Then I felt ashamed of myself. 
This is not an improvement in Dream World.


  1. Just wondering if Maurice is back. You haven't posted any pictures of her since you've been back.

  2. Not Blank- Oh yes. She is here. She keeps getting in fights with something and her face is a mess but she's here and fine. Thank you for asking.

  3. How is that not an improvement in Dream World?? It sounds just like Blog World, no?

  4. Bwahaha. That's awesome. You're full of shit is one of my many favorite things to say. Most of which are inappropriate.

  5. I just jumped over to her blog and what stood out was she was Mormon. Not God, not Love but Mormon. That freaks me out.

  6. When I first read this I missed the part where it was a dream and fell out of my seat in shock.

    Also, I love Geraldine Brooks. She wrote one of my favorite novels ever, about the plague, of all things, 'The Year of Wonders' i believe it's called. The one scene where her babies die, might be the hardest I've ever cried reading a book.


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