Tuesday, July 5, 2016

It's Poached Eggs For Supper Tonight, Dear Loves

Hank and Maggie and if that baby girl isn't beautiful, I don't know what is, those chubby cheeks, that rosebud mouth, give me a kiss, I tell her and she giggles and lets me kiss her. She's the sweetest, most even-tempered child although she was fussy at lunch because she's teething

 but she got over it and when it came time for me to watch her for a little while she was happy, happy and when she wasn't, I played with her and she was happy again and then her mommy got home and gave her some nursies and she fell asleep.

The AC fan here at the house started doing a thing where it would not run and we knew we were fucked but it was the holiday weekend and the guys came out today and yes, we need a new fan and they had to order one and this old one still works mostly, not always, sometimes, then it doesn't and it's as hot here as it was in Havana. Mr. Moon has a stick he goes out and pushes the fan with when it sits there and makes that noise like no other noise. It's a noise like a hum and whine and a scream of despair and I think it's saying, I'm hot, I'm old, I'm tired, let me go, and I know how it feels and please god-whom-I-do-not-believe-in-and-if-I-did-I-wouldn't-bother-you-with-stupid-shit-like-this, please let this fan limp along until the new one comes.

Owen is learning about jokes and so I started telling him elephant jokes today.
"How do you know that an elephant has been in your refrigerator?"
"You can see his footprints in the butter."
"How does an elephant hide in a bag of M&M's?"
"He paints his toenails all different colors."
Haha! HIYlarious!
"I don't get it," said Owen.

Mostly I don't either. But I did paint Gibson's toenails for him. Gray. Now he could hide in a Cuban baggage claim area and no one would ever find him.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Magnolia is gorgeous! I do think this is one of the only times I haven't seen a bow in her hair. How many bows does she have?

  2. That is so awesome. I am not kidding. I love that.

  3. What did the elephant say to the naked man? "How do you breath through that tiny thing?!" Teething babies get all rosy cheeked and shiny eyed, don't they? Poor cutie pie!

  4. Magnolia is lovely and pure perfection! Those cheeks just beg to be squished and kissed!
    I have to say though, that I am missing that other sweet, handsome fellow of yours...maybe you could squeeze in a wee pic of August soon. I know he is growing and how you must be missing him!

  5. Maggie is so sweet. I love when Hank holds the babies. I miss August too.

  6. What kind of dog likes taking baths the most? A shampoodle!

  7. That last sentence cracked me up! Big mamabird, that made me snork a little too, hadn't heard that one before.

  8. Oh my god. Little Magnolia June is so precious!


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