Friday, July 15, 2016

Well, it's been a fucked up day. I've been having stomach cramps and visiting the loo so often that I'm now about ready for a colonoscopy.
Bad joke.

But, that's hardly the worst thing. I guess that dog got out again because I've found two more dead chickens. The barred rock that had been wounded and one of the little red ones. Not one bite taken out of them. Killing just for killing. I'm furious. And horrified.
And I'm so, so sad. I raised those babies in my goddam bath tub.

Don't even tell me that the dog was just doing what dogs do. Not all dogs.
That one has to go. And I mean yesterfucking day as Lis would say.

The whole world is falling apart and I'm fucking crying over chickens.

The wisp of straw lands on the camel's back and the camel falls to her knees.
Or something like that.



  1. i am so sorry. when i told tony he said 'i'd shoot it'.


  2. Such a frustrating loss! So sorry for your chicky babies.

  3. I agree...shoot the dog, I'm a dog lover but this one sounds like he's just a predator. No, he's not doing what dogs do! I'm so damned sorry for your loss! If y'all can't shoot the dog, call the county about a dangerous dog. The neighbor said he'd get rid of him and didn't. Damn!

  4. I'm so sorry, Mary. And it sounds like you got the bug too, just in a different way. Hope you feel better soon.

  5. That is fucked up. What the hell kind of dog owner lets that happen more than once?! Fuck apologies. That dog cannot live like that, where it can get free and kill.

    Would there be anything prohibiting Mr. Moon from hunting it?

    Yuck, I wonder what the bug is that y'all have. Sorry, yuck!!

  6. god damn dog. and they do, kill just for killing. so sorry Mary.

  7. so sorry you lost more of your beloved flock to that damned dog that should be *gone* one way or another. I am pissed off here in California reading about it. Damn and double damn
    Susan M

  8. How can the owner be so irresponsible? I'd be so horrified if one of my dogs did something like that I'd make damn sure they couldn't get out to do it again. I mean....damn.

    I'm so sorry about your chickens. Cry all you want. I don't blame you one bit.

    And I sure hope you feel better soon.

  9. Oh yeah, the dog has to go. Twice is inexcusable. Have you talked to the owner again? Can you call animal control?

  10. I should add that the dog is being inadequately cared for, which is a form of cruelty in itself. Any dog that can run around like that should be taken from its owner, because the dog's best interests aren't being protected any more than yours or the chicken's. Everybody loses when a dog owner is irresponsible.

  11. I'm sorry you had to deal with the loss of more chickens. This is now the dog owner's fault. He came over and apologized, but he hasn't solved the problem. I hope that sickness is all done with your family, now. Blahhh! -Jenn

  12. Oh, Mary. I stand by my first thoughts. Put that fucking dog down. He is bored and aggressive. God forbid he goes after a cat or worse, a child.

    You cry all you want for those chickens. I want to cry and I don't know any of them.


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