Monday, July 18, 2016

"Astounded" Seems To Be The Word For The Day

Well, I suppose I am over my stomach bug. I feel pretty okay which is good because it's going to be a long day. I'm going to go babysit for Owen and Gibson while Lily takes Maggie to the doctor for her six months check up and then we need to go to Costco and Publix.
All is quiet in Lloyd this morning, my chickens in their coop. I hate them being cooped up. No pun there at all. And if you ever stop to think about all of the phrases we use which have as their origins, chickens and their lives, you'll be astounded.

Pecking order.
Cock of the walk.
Feeling broody. a chicken with his head cut off.

I don't have time to think of any more but those just came off the top of my head.

Mr. Moon and I leave for Asheville on Wednesday morning. I got an intuition the other day that Jessie and Vergil have decided to abandon Tallahassee completely and move back to Asheville for good. I asked Jessie if this was true and she reassured me that it's not. Just for the summers. But before I'd made that clear with her I told my husband what I was feeling.
"Oh Lord," he said. "I don't want to buy another house."
Meaning, of course, that we'd have to move up there for part of the year if they moved up there full time.
Asheville is cool, of course, and I don't just mean temperature-wise. It sure is a nice place to visit. Especially when there's this to look forward to.

Anyway, I better get moving. I have things to do and places to be. 

Sometimes I simply cannot believe where my life has led. It just seems overwhelmingly astounding. 
And sometimes it just seems overwhelming. 
And sometimes it just seems astounding.

I tell you what. I'm mighty glad that it didn't lead me to a place where I attend things like this. 

Oh Lord. I mean, I respect the holy vulva and all of that shit but I don't want to steam it. 
Well, each to her own.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Oh my. What an article. Thanks for sharing (and for the laugh).

    August is growing so fast!

  2. I don't get why everyone made such a big deal of vulva steaming. Absorbent tissuess, blah blah, so what? If you'd steam your face, why not your crotch? And if you don't want to steam your face, you don't, no big whoop.


    I'm glad Jessie's not moving away!

  3. that's a good word. astounded is how Marc and I feel about our lives and where we are now. astounded at how pretty we're sitting being, after all, working artists our whole lives.

    I never heard of that group but they would probably kick me out after the first day for making jokes about the whole thing. and really? offering your menstrual blood on an alter to mother earth? ick.

  4. There is a kind of super ego and unspoken language of condescension that drives these things. Everyone comes home with the secret, tiny idea in the back of their head..."I am better than..", it's such a reassuring feeling :)

    I love Doritos!
    I would have been hanging out with the Hispanic women..they must have been having a laughfest at night. I hope they weren't paid minimum wage for god's sake!

  5. "
    Oh Lord. I mean, I respect the holy vulva and all of that shit but I don't want to steam it. "

    The best line ever

  6. Jennifer- Can you imagine? I'd last about three minutes there and then I'd be gone.

    Jo- The last thing a vulva needs is steaming. Well, in my opinion. Whatever. And why is steaming in any way superior to a good bath? Again- whatever.
    I don't steam my face either, so there is that. Who has time for that?
    I'm glad Jessie's not moving away too!

    Ellen Abbott- Glen and I feel the same way about where we are although we are certainly not artists. I have no problem with women using diva cups or whatever to catch their menstrual blood and dumping them on the ground but Lord- do we have to make a ceremony out of it? If men were doing this with their ejaculations, we'd die laughing.
    I know, I know- not quite the same but hell- it's the seed of life, right? And therefore, in its way, holy. I guess?

    Liv- I'm with YOU on hanging out with the Hispanic women. So, menstrual blood is holy and pure but they have to hire someone to clean up the rooms where they pee and poop? That's hysterical to me.

    John Gray- I'm glad you approve.

  7. That picture in the article is truly hilarious. :-)
    I'm glad your peeps aren't moving for good!

  8. I want to click that link? I am not sure.

    All the same, your life HAS led to some pretty amazing places. :)


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