Sunday, July 24, 2016

On Our Way Home

We got up at an early-ish but not unreasonable hour this morning and ate some toast and yogurt and packed up the truck and now we are on our way back to Florida. 

Last night we went up to Black Mountain where we had supper at Vergil's mama's house which is a gorgeous place. August was our prince, our benevolent tiny ruler, our little golden sun King. 

He fell asleep on the way back to Asheville and oh, how I cried when we said good-night, good-bye. I kissed his little foot and told his sleeping self that I love him. 

We will see him and his mama and daddy soon when they return to Tallahassee. 

It's been a sweet trip and I will never forget that day on the river. 

The misty fog is hanging low as we drive through the mountains to get back to our swampy, flatland world and I am so glad we've made this trip and as always, travel has given me much to ponder, to remember.

Such different worlds we all live in and yet, the same one, all of us somehow bound by links, both short and long, made of love. 

I believe that. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. OK, THAT is a terrific picture. I also believe we are all bound together -- it's one of the essential ideas of Buddhism that always clicked with me.

    I didn't realize you were coming back to Florida so soon! Still, I'm sure you're ready to be back in the day-to-day reality of Lloyd.

    1. Which picture? Prince August or the kissing old people?
      As to being back in the Lloyd reality...I'm still trying to decide on that one.

  2. One comment? What the hell?
    That is the best picture ever of you two lovebirds !


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