Thursday, July 7, 2016

This living without air conditioning in July is an experience. That is how I am choosing to look at it. I slept downstairs last night with three fans (I am not kidding) on me and it was somehow wonderful. It felt...pretty darn okay and by the early morning I was a little chilly.
Of course, it rained yesterday and the temperature dropped and it hasn't rained today. Mr. Moon got home from work and I had just gotten home from town and we decided that the best, the only thing to do was to go back to the river and so we did and we drove home with the windows open, the air rushing around our cooled skin and we are adapting.

I feel as if I had sort of adapted by being in Havana and I do keep walking around saying, "This is just like Havana," and it's one of those things that you just have to deal with.

I went for a walk this morning, first one in forever, and saw some things.

They're working on the sidewalks. Again- why are they doing this in the hottest part of the year? 
I do not know but they are. 

The Beauty Berry blossom and the forming berries. 

The fally down house, still not fallen down and covered in summer's green. 

I passed Ms. Liola's house, the old trailer, and her door and windows were open. She has no AC at all. This breaks my heart. When Mr. Moon and I were at the river, I told him about this. He said, "Do you think she could afford to pay the power bill if she got an air conditioner?"
"I don't know," I said.
"Well. What if you said to her, 'Miss, Liola, my husband is always buying and collecting stuff and he has some air conditioners. Would you have a place to plug one in if we brought you one?'" 

That's why I married him. 

Well, one of the reasons, anyway. 

I can't wait to see what she has to say about this. It's easy for me to deal with no air conditioning for a short while, knowing that I'll have it again soon, that I can climb the stairs and have it right now if I really need it. But to know that I don't have a choice at all in the matter? To have no way to drive to the river to dip my body into the cold, cold water? 

I remember when my first husband and I lived in a trailer about the same size as Miss Liola's, right down the road and how we finally went and bought a used window unit that chugged and groaned and put out heavenly cold air and what that meant to us and our babies, rashy and miserable in the summer heat of North Florida.  

Life isn't fair, y'all. It's good to be reminded of that. It's a blessing to realize that maybe we can help one other person. 

Here's Maurice. 

She's been lying on the back porch all day with the fan on her. Look at that messed-up face. I keep putting antibiotic ointment on it and she keeps getting in fights. 

Stay cool. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. There is something called Vetericyn that works great when pets get wounds like this. It sprays on so you can get them when they are walking by. I had been using Polysporin for Norbert but this stuff works faster and better.

    Keep us posted about the air conditioner.

  2. I've just caught up on your trip and your life back in Lloyd. Thank you for the beautiful descriptions. I kinda feel like I was there, too, but without all the heat, your writing is that good.

  3. What a wonderful gesture on Mr. Moon's part -- I sure hope she can take one.

  4. Your husband is a kind man and I hope you both can help that lady. Maurice is too beautiful to have her face in a mess. I hope it mends quickly.

  5. I love Mr Moon. Both of you are so kind. I'm glad I have an indoor cat. Poor Maurice...

  6. I love that you are going to provide an air conditioner if she wants one. Seeing your cat made me think of what the vet told us when we took our cat in for an bite that got infected on his tail. She said if they get injured on the face, they are the instigators, or the fighters, and if they have bites on the back end or tail, they are the ones who are running away from the fights. Maybe your Maurice is defending her territory? -Jenn

  7. so glad to be back in your world. the AC died in the country house in the middle of summer about 4 years ago. it was pretty miserable. I can't imagine having to go through every summer, all summer long, with no AC. I know people did it back 'when' but it wasn't as hot then as now.

  8. <3

    I'm filled with love at the thought of you giving Ms Liola an air conditioner. Bless you both.

  9. MAURICE! And Mr. Moon is such a doll, but this you know.


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