Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Light And Darkness

The sky this morning when I took my walk was powerfully dramatic. I got out early enough to not-die but oh, how humid it is.

I took the new sidewalk down to the truck stop for the first time today.

A small step for Lloyd which makes our steps safer. I am grateful for that trail of cement. Farther on down, a crew was still working and the youngest guy was doing a full-on Michael Jackson dance, his work gloves standing in for Michael's bejeweled one. He knew I was watching and performed just for me and then tilted his head with a grin as I passed. I gave him a grin back. He was lovely. 

When I got off into the woods, I saw this. 

A tiny baby snapping turtle and he did not look pleased with the world but what turtle does? Unlike the dancer, he completely ignored me and when I recrossed the trail where he had been, he was gone to wherever it was he was going.
And then this.

The passion flower which looks to me as if God was drunk on red wine and giggly when he made it. 

Have you seen any of the clips of Michelle Obama's speech last night? 
That woman. 
My god, I am going to miss that family in the White House. Those little girls she spoke about, growing up in that house built by slaves. As horrified as I am right now at the popularity of a fear-mongering, hateful, bigoted bully, her presence on that stage gives me hope that this country does get some things right. That we can grow, can change, can see and support that which is intelligent and thoughtful and reasoned.

I can't let the day go by without mentioning that Mick Jagger turns 73 today. He has a new album coming out soon, a tour planned, and of course- a new child is on the way. Here's a Stones song that sort of sums up a lot of how scary the world is feeling right now. 

Baby won't you dance with me?

Oh hell. Why not?

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. My only knowledge of snapping turtles is based on a children's book about the Berenstain Bears and Papa thinking they were rocks. Do they really snap?

    "The passion flower which looks to me as if God was drunk on red wine and giggly when he made it." Most definitely!

  2. Your description of a passion flower is right on target!

  3. The city to the south of me has put in sidewalks and bike lanes (be still my heart) all the way to about four miles south of me. One of my township officials calls them the sidewalks to nowhere, but they give me great pleasure. There aren't herds of folks yet, but every day more and more people use them at lunchtime, to walk to the convenience store from their apartment, and the rest of what people use sidewalks for. Build them and they will come.

    1. I wouldn't want to see sidewalks everywhere but they sure are great in places where people want to walk.

  4. Now that is some kind of fabulous sidewalk. And your description of the passion flower made me laugh out loud. Well done! X

  5. Look at that sidewalk! Swanky!

    I love your description of the passion flower. So true! Dave was just marveling at ours the other day and talking about how strange they are.

  6. Yesterday I saw a woman walking along a very busy city road where there were no sidewalks. It was horrible- there was no room for mistakes, not an inch....We went to Costco to get vacuum bags for meat bird processing. Came home with a giant sheepskin rug for my couch, now getting up and at 'em will be harder than ever!


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