Tuesday, July 19, 2016


Sheets in the wash, trash to the dump, cantaloupe cut up for the road, chickens given treats, trash taken, and I've stopped by the post office where these were delivered.

Liv! These are the cutest shoes in the entire world and Lily and Maggie are going to love them! 
Thank you so much! You are precious. Like these tiny dragon shoes. With bells. Oh my. 

So I still have to clean the hen house, take a shower, pack. 

Mr. Moon has gone to town to finish up some things and then we'll be off. 

I sort of can't believe I'm doing this trip without Lis. Well, I did go to Asheville once without her. But still, she's my traveling gal. Mr. Moon will have to do. I doubt he'll make beautiful plates of appetizers to go with our happy hour drinks every day. 
That's okay. He has his charms too.

Let's all be safe and well. Let's remember the journey is as important as the destination although when the destination holds August, Jessie and Vergil, that may not be true. 

I'll be writing from the road, most likely. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Yay! Can't wait to hear from you on the road! I love the dragon shoes -- completely awesome. I kind of want a pair myself.

  2. So glad they arrived safe - bells still attached!

    Cocktails are wonderful! And perhaps Mr. Moon is the appetizer, himself... ~~

  3. Those shoes! They are now the best shoes ever.

  4. oh, I definitely want some shoes like that! have fun.


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