Sunday, July 17, 2016

What Summer Is Looking Like Today

No one wants to hear about ironing so here are some pictures.

One of the many golden orb weavers growing into maturity. This one is on the front porch.

The mama split-leaf philodendron plant that I have had since Lily was a baby (thirty years or so) and from whom I've gotten so many cuttings. I finally stuck her in the ground where she thrives.

This is a tiny, tiny bird's nest that Lis found in our driveway when she was here last. I had placed it in the pot below which is on the wall by my kitchen porch where wrens have nested before. The other day, Mr. Moon saw a wren perch on the rim of the pot, grab the little nest with her beak, and toss it to the ground.

She's a better house keeper than I.

Figs! I swear- they were all green four days ago. 
And I'm leaving in three days to go to Asheville. And I do not necessarily feel like making and canning preserves. 

What's a girl to do? 

I wish I could just send them all to Rebecca. 

Mr. Moon has taken the convertible out of the garage and rinsed it off and wants to go for a ride which would be heavenly if I wasn't so dang tired. 
Shall I gird my loins? 

We'll see.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I hope you go for a drive. Sometimes getting out of the house can be a nice reprieve from all those domestic chores .

  2. Send them all to Rebecca!

    Rebecca's Friend Speaking On Her Behalf Because Rebecca Would Never Do Anything So Gauche As To Beg

  3. I do love the pictures of your spiders. Do they have many predators? They are awfully big!

    My step-mom found a little birds nest and she keeps it safe in a tupperware container and puts it on her Christmas tree. She thinks it was a hummingbird nest. It is so tiny!

  4. I'm glad you girded your loins. :)

    Such a tiny bird's nest! I don't think I've ever seen one that small. I wonder if it was a first attempt by a young bird.


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