Thursday, July 7, 2016

Oh Dear Lord

There appears to be a new restaurant at the truck stop

and Jesus doesn't look too happy about it. 


  1. with all the institutionalized murder going on in the world i'm not surprised jesus doesn't look too happy. wait. he suffered a similar fate didn't he?. and, um why would anyone want that face of institutionalized torture to be the image of their business? but what do i know. a friend of mine warned me about becoming bitter yesterday. he said bitterness is corrosive. so, yeah.

    and i love you.

  2. Angella- From what I can tell, it's a church-run restaurant. This is, after all, the deep south. So poor Jesus gets his tortured face on the sign. Lately whenever I see a Christ on the cross I just want to scream, "Let the poor man down! God! Hasn't he suffered enough already?"
    Sometimes corrosiveness is necessary to dissolve that which needs dissolving. Rust, hate, etc. Bitterness used appropriately is not always a bad thing.
    I'm with you, babe. And I love you too.

  3. There DOES seem to be something incongruous about Suffering Jesus and getting a cup of coffee or an omelette.

  4. maybe he needs some jeezy poofs....


  5. Are those letters written with.... sparkly paint?

  6. Steve Reed- Jesus died so you could enjoy those hashbrowns, boy! Don't you understand?

    Mrs. A- Yeah. Maybe that would cheer him up.

    Birdie- Glittery as hell!

  7. Heh, he does look like a toddler turning his head away from the spoon in disgust, taken out of context as his thorn-crowned head is.

  8. If they serve Baptist style covered casseroles then I'm in!
    Hallelujah!!!! Pass me a stick of butter with a side of butter.
    Amen Sister!
    Best food in the world.

  9. Those grits and eggs must have sucked. JESUS H. CHRIST! That's all I've got to say.


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