Monday, March 31, 2014

Daily Report

Gibson was in a mood today. And it wasn't a real good one, either. He also had an agenda and that agenda did not include listening to his old Mer. Here he is, having climbed INTO the little chicken shelter. Through the tiny door. The chickens were not especially disturbed but there's an awful lot of poop in there. Of course, I had to take a picture of him before I lifted him out.
He is two. And as I heard a guy on the radio say yesterday, "If two year olds were as strong as adults and could operate weapons, they would be the most dangerous creatures on the planet."
Yep. Pretty much.
Not that he did anything evil. He just wanted to do what he wanted to do and if that meant he wanted to sit on his grandfather's four-wheeler and pretend to drive it for three hours, that is what he wanted to do. I gave him fifteen minutes, standing there, watching him push buttons and shift gears, hoping that I wasn't allowing him to do anything that was going to fuck that machine up. What do I know about four-wheelers? Not one damn thing except that they have four wheels and little boys love to sit on them.

Of course Owen had an agenda too. He wanted to walk down the railroad tracks to the post office and then go for a walk on the road. This we could do. He pretends to ride a horse whose name is Bullseye. He graciously allows me to ride a donkey. When we get to the post office, we tie up our horse and our donkey and we go in and check the mail. Today I got a beautiful card from Ms. Jo, all the way from Ireland. When I showed it to Owen I said, "Look! Look at this card a friend sent me. Who does it look like?"
"Elvis!" he said. "That is so nice."

I completely agree. 
Thank you, Jo!

After we left the post office, we walked up Main Street to see if Ms. Liola was in her yard, and she was, raking, as she so often is. She keeps her little lawn as tidy as a floor. They boys had a nice conversation with her and I was proud of them for being sweet and polite. They told her how old they were and when she asked Gibson if he takes a nap for his grandmother, he went into a long speech about naps, approximately 85% of which was not exactly in English, but it was delivered in completely appropriate voice tone and with hand gestures. I believe that the gist of what he was saying was that he DOES take naps at MerMer's but you know that's pretty much a myth. 
So we visited for a little while and then we walked back home and when I say "we" I mean Owen and I, and Gibson was perched on my hip. "Water," he kept saying piteously, as if we were crossing the Sahara instead of the dappled shade quarter of a mile road back home. 
Oh, that boy. I am so glad to still have a strong arm, strong hips to carry him on these journeys. 

Our day also consisted of puzzle doing. Here is one of the puzzles that Owen did all by himself and then wanted to take a picture of.

(Photography by Owen.)

We "checked on" the baby chickens four times. We fed the goats and tried to feed the mule but she ignored us and stayed in a distant part of the yard next door. We fed Elvis and the sister-wives crackers on the front porch. We watched a little "Tom and Jerry" which is Owen's favorite cartoon. There were, of course, numerous snacks. And a building of an obstacle course with blocks. And playing on the play set. 
And then there was this.

Owen wanted me to film an entire series of videos of him doing things with a bowl of water. This is the best one although the one of him pretending to be a water fountain does have some dramatic interest. I would say, "And...ACTION!" and he would do whatever it was he intended for me to film and then he would say, "Cut!" although he didn't get that part included in this one. Where he learned that bit of directorial instruction, I do not know.
Before he started using the water for short video films, he used it to let his dinosaurs swim in. 
"It's pool day!" he announced, and kept asking for hot water to mix with the cold water to create warm water. 
And of course I complied. I pretty much do whatever they want if it doesn't seem to be something which will cause them bodily harm. 

By the time they left, I was completely exhausted and fell on my bed and took a nap, leaving the blocks and puzzles and dirty dishes where they lay. I slept for an hour, dead as the decayed, then got up and tidied and swept and even dusted the hallway altar and replaced the flowers in their vases.

 The azaleas will be gone soon, to be replaced by the Tung blossoms, the graceful wisteria. I asked Mr. Moon a few days ago if he even notices the flowers I put there. 
"Uh...well," he said.
"That's all right," I told him. "I do it for me so it doesn't matter."
And it's true. 
Which reminds me, I need to plant the zinnias so that I will have their beautiful crayon colors to cut and put there for the summer. 

I've just fed the cat and the dogs and shut up the big chickens but the little chickens seem to choose this time of day when the sun has slipped beneath the horizon to venture out and have a final sip and snack from the feeder and waterer in the big coop so I shall have to go back out and shut them up in a few minutes. 
Owen said today, "You sure have a lot of animals. Maybe you should give some to some other people."
"I do have a lot of animals," I said. "And I wouldn't mind giving the dogs to some other people."
"They are stinky," he admitted. 

Little man tells the truth. 

I am cooking Kamut which has been soaking in water all day. This shit is never going to be less than crunchy, is it? Oh well. I'm all about the ancient damn grains these days. I'm going to live forfuckingever. 

God, I hope not. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I love that look on Gibson's face! He looks like a man with whom you should not mess.

    Jo's picture of Elvis is so awesome. What a treat to get!

  2. Gibson being in a mood? He has been stricken by the terrible twos. Still think he is a wise old soul.

  3. I too am enamored by the look on Gibson's face and the fact that he is sitting with the baby chickens... though I'm sure it was not easy to deal with his moods today. And Owen is getting so big. They grow so fast. It is wonderful that you are capturing these moments. Sweet Jo

  4. LOL -- that sounds like a full day! I wonder if Ms. Liola understood anything Gibson said?!

  5. I often think 45 is the new 2, mood swings being what they are!
    I'm wide awake at 2 am local time. I bet I crawl into a chicken coop today.

  6. Oh Gibson. He has managed to win our hearts while we weren't looking! Just like his brother did before him.

  7. They say the terrible twos are necessary and good, the little one discovering that he is his own person. Sweet smiling Gibson will be back in a blink. And Owen has a wonderfully rich fantasy life.

  8. SJ- He sure has mastered "the look". And usually accompanies it with "NO NO NO!" Then he'll turn around and be his own sweet self again.
    He cracks me up.

    Syd- I think he is too. And for a two-year old, he's not so bad.

    Sweet Jo- They just don't stop growing for a second! It's such a trip, watching it all.

    Steve Reed- Who knows? He sure looks convincing when he's having one of these conversations.

    heartinhand- Well, just make sure there's someone available to help you back out.

    Jill- He's still such a precious little boy, isn't he?

    Angella- I know. I still see that sweetness all the time. And yes, Owen is WAY into pretending. It delights me.

  9. A surprise, I forgot I'd sent it!

    Owen is the best :)

  10. that face....

    i am so planting iris and zinnia this year! loki has cleared several areas with his racing around the yard and since the sod is gone, might as well plant!


  11. Jo- But you did! And I love it!

    Mrs. A- Good thinking!

  12. I think it is the job of grandparents everywhere to let their grandkids do whatever they want. My mom and dad would never let me do half the things they not only let my kids do but encouraged with great gusto!


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