Monday, March 24, 2014

And The Point Is...

The sky looks like an old tin pot here today and if yesterday I was oozing gratitude and contentment like a happy old cow, today I'm having to force myself to find the good and that, too, is me.
Even the sight of the bluebirds this morning didn't delight me as much as it should have and I need to take a walk and I need to go to the grocery store and the boys are coming this afternoon.

Maybe my mood is dream-induced because the dreams I CAN remember were not happy. I kept yelling at people and getting my feelings hurt and so forth. What was the point of that, brain? And I woke up one million times and I swear to you, I think Mr. Moon and I wake each other up all night long although you'd think that after thirty-something years of sleeping together it would be like the train which our brains just decide not to notice but it's not.

Oh well.

I better go drink my delicious and healthy smoothie and take that walk and get on with it.

Sorry to be so boring but it's Monday morning and the sky is dull and so am I.


  1. I wish that you could feel good all the time, like you described yesterday, and never have the black moods. My husband and I wake each other up all night long, too. We keep swearing someday we're going to get separate beds--maybe even separate bedrooms--and not care what people say. I hope all the clouds in your life give way to the sun, and soon.

  2. My stress dreams consisted of trying to drive my car up a hill, spinning my wheels, then making it on the road to be hit by a mack truck head-on. Then I went to the doctor at 730 this am for bloodwork. It's a hell of a monday.

  3. Welll, everyday can't be martinis and baby chickens. Or can it? Anyhow, hope you had a lovely walk. Good morning from SoCal where the day is just getting started.

  4. Ms. Vesuvius- I really don't know what we're trying to prove by sleeping in the same bed. But it is nice in many ways.

    SJ- YOU WIN! God. I'm so sorry.

    Denise- The sun is out and the my walk was good so I do feel a lot better. Good morning to you!

  5. Sun is shining here, but it's farking cold out. Still waiting for the *real* springtime to arrive.

  6. Like Bob, sunny and cold. Just woke up after having 28 hot flashes in the night. I don't know what mood I'm in yet, and who could guess?

  7. Bob- I would have died by now if our spring hadn't started to show up. This is probably why I live in the south.

    heartinhand- Girl. I so empathize. I do.

  8. Some nights are just not restful. I had one on the boat which is unusual. Hope tomorrow is better.


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