Friday, March 21, 2014

And Here We Are Again!

I went out to take a picture of the spirea this morning which has just begun to bloom in my yard. The blossom is really tiny, a cluster of small flowers. As I was snapping the shot, Miss Honey came up and posed for me and here she is.

The perspective is so off. It makes the spirea look huge and Miss Honey small but whatever. I couldn't pass up her sweet offering of a portrait shot.

The boys are coming, I feel as if I am already running far behind this morning. I am cooking some Bob's Mills extremely whole grain cereal for me and Mr. Moon which I got at the Big Lots and which is looking like nothing more than pine shavings in a pot and I am thinking it will be just about that tender and delicious if it ever becomes what they might call done.

Mr. Moon is heading over to Dog Island today to work on the place a little with our partner who is already there, having taken the old Toyota back earlier in the week that my husband finally got running properly. The car had to be barged over, of course, and the new hot water heater was inside the Toyota because the old one rusted out completely and was no longer functioning at all.
Dog Island is hell on anything metal and every job that has to be done has to be planned out to the last detail because there is no way to just run to Lowe's or Home Depot if you need a screw or a drill bit or a...whatever the hell you might need to fix a sink or a washing machine or a car or the air conditioner or pump or....
It never ends, either.

So he's getting ready to go and I'm cooking those pine shavings and today's the day we're moving the chicks out to the coop and it's a beautiful day and I can hear roosters crowing back and forth and the spirea is starting to bloom and this weekend I HAVE to finish planting the garden and here we are and soon the Tung trees will start putting out their incredibly delicate peachy blossoms and the bamboo will start coming up and we shall have to kick over the sprouts and it's Spring, sure as hell, and my boys are coming and we shall have adventures.

Happy Friday,  y'all.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. you have a beautiful life, as do i. the good days are when we can truly feel it. as much as you feel behind today, it sounds like it could be a really good day, despite pine shavings. i wish that for you. love.

  2. I see Bobs Red Mill stuff at the big lots too and I just think....really bob? Really? Cheap plastic things (which I am so not above) + fine organic oats seem like a strange combo.

    Now all i want to do is go to big lots.

  3. I love their Scottish Oatmeal but I bought some seven grain stuff once and it was shite.

    Life on an island surely takes more work than I ever realized. Happy Spring to you, and love.

  4. I just photographed orange finches next to orange honeysuckle blossoms. And don't you just love that Big Lots has Bob's Red Mill stuff? I like the bean soups.
    And happy Friday to you, Mrs. Moon.

  5. What a good hen! Please give her a grape for me.

  6. We had spirea when I was growing up. I always called it bridal bouquet.

  7. Angella- The pine shavings weren't that bad although I forgot to put raisins in them. Weird. I always put raisins in my hot cereals. And it was a beautiful day.

    SJ- I sort of love Big Lots. I used to love it more when I bought stuff. The Bob's Mills thing is a little weird. Whatever. I bought it.

    Ms. Vesuvius- This island has no bridge so everything has to be barged or boated over. Which can make things rather difficult and can also foster creative solutions to certain situations.

    Denise- I always feel like I shouldn't buy the soup mixes because I HAVE all those beans, usually. Or most of them, at least. But they are so pretty!

    Birdie- I did!

    Ellen Abbott- I think "Bridal Wreath" is a variety of the spirea.


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