Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Boys And Chicks And The Mediterranean Diet, Etc.

I am trying to eat all healthy and shit. Mediterranean, sort of. Some of the time. Seems to me that mostly the Mediterranean diet is comprised of tomatoes, peppers, onions, garlic, olive oil, eggplant, zucchini and...something else. Artichokes.
That's not true.
Here's a pyramid representation:

 Then again, here's another:

It's sort of how I try to eat anyway but lately I've really been trying harder. To the point where the delicious salad I ate at Fanny's today was pretty sinful in my own estimation. But damn, it was so good. 

We had a great time at Fanny's with the boys. It's warm enough to sit outside now and so the boys can run and play. And of course, we got to see May and Taylor and that's always the best. 

I actually got a shot of Owen and Gibson holding hands on our way back to the car. 

Owen had been promised that if he was very, very good we would go by the animal shelter to see if we could find a friend for Parker, their new kitty. Parker has more energy than the family can handle reasonably and it always seems better to have two kitties to play with each other. More on that later. But the point here was that Owen WAS being very, very good and was holding his brother's hand to keep him safe.

Here he is climbing a whatever-you-call-it. 

And here's a picture he took of me and his mother. 

So we ate our lunch and then we went to Publix and then we went to the animal shelter but all the kitties had some illness which precluded taking them to homes where there was another pet. So that was sad. But Owen was cheerful about it. He knows there will be more kittens. 

And that has been my day. Eating and shopping and playing with my grandsons. Once again, I am exhausted but once again, it has been a full day. 
Mr. Moon will be home soon and I have a skillet going with some chicken breasts and onions and peppers and garlic and zucchini and mushrooms and spinach and tomatoes. Is that it? I think so. That sounds Mediterranean, right? There's olive oil in there. There will be some whole grain pasta. 

The boys will be here tomorrow night for supper and I asked Owen what he wants me to cook. 
"Macaroni and cheese," he said first off. "And do you have cucumbers?"
"Yes," I said. "I do."
"Cucumbers. Do you have oranges?"
"I will buy some." 
"Good. That's all."

Lily said, "Owen, that sounds like what you eat every other night at our house."
"Well, he knows he likes it. And Boppy will like it too," I told her.

And so tomorrow night's dinner is all planned out and this means I don't have a care in the world. 

Oh! The chicks are getting their combs!

Can you see them? I still haven't named these babies. I think it is about time, though. I really do. Which one should be "Nineteen"?
I'm not sure I'll ever be able to tell the two yellow ones apart. I am thinking of naming them Chi-Chi and Cha-Cha and then it won't really matter. 

The Bradford Pears are starting to bloom in my yard. And with that, I have given you all the news from Lloyd, or at least my tiny part of it.

Love and kisses...Ms. Moon


  1. Your boys are getting so big! Sounds like a wonderful day, wonderful company, wonderful food. I like that buckskin-looking chick. He looks cool!
    Happy evening to you. xoxo

  2. You could name one after me! Roxy is a great chicken name.
    I'm on the glutton diet today. I'm eating some feelings, I guess.

  3. That photo of them holding hands makes me swoon.

  4. The kids and the chickens are cute. Two cats do enjoy being together.

  5. So much sweetness in this post. Those boys and the pic of you and Lily! And having dinner planned for tomorrow already. You are a lucky woman (and I know you know that!!).

  6. Such a wonderful day in all it's particulars. I think we have all fallen in love with Owen and Gibson. What absolutely precious boys. And for the naming of the chicks, I still vote for Owen's list. Love seeing that picture of you and Lily. The closeness of your family is a lovely holy thing. You did that.

  7. home for snow day #13, and catching up on my peeps!

    glad to see spring has come to at least one part of the country...


    and 666 was in my verification code....could this day possibly get any better????

  8. Rachel- The boys ARE getting so big. It's wonderful and it breaks my heart, all at the same time. That is a cool looking chick. You're right.

    heartinhand- The gluten diet sounds good to me. Your name is Roxy? Great name? And honey, sometimes I can post a comment on your blog and sometimes I can't and it baffles and frustrates me so much.

    Elizabeth- Me too.

    Syd- Cuteness abounds!

    Jill- I do most certainly know that.

    Angella- Sometimes when I think about how much I love my children, it makes me so sad for my mother. I know she loved us but somehow, she was too damaged to show some of us that love. I really wonder how that happened. I mean- what is easier or more natural than loving your babies?

    Mrs. A- Proof that I am EVIL! Your snow sounds evil. God. How do you stand it?

  9. Macaroni and cheese, cucumbers and oranges. What's not to like? That's my kind of dinner.

    I CAN see the baby chick combs! That's pretty amazing.

    Re. who you and I both know -- didn't you mention the Strangs once? I've met some of them, though I don't know them well. I've also met some others in the Winter Haven power set, but they wouldn't necessarily know me, because I'm just one in a string of reporters who covered that town. Because I was a reporter I mostly met politicians and criminals. Ha!

  10. The news from Lloyd makes me smile. Those chicks, those boys, that diet, YOU! It's all pretty wonderful.

  11. Steve Reed- That's right- the Strangs! Whom I do not know well but I do know. I also knew a few criminals...so...?

    Ms. Yo- It is definitely pretty wonderful.


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