Saturday, March 22, 2014


Am I the only person on earth who is not obsessed about that missing plane? I'm sorry. I feel great sympathy for all the people who are no doubt dead and for their loved ones but honest to god- I can't do anything about it and I'm hardly even vaguely curious.
Is that wrong?


Saturday morning and the baby chicks survived nicely in their new outdoor accommodations and the neighbor's dog is fine and my dogs shit all over the house. How I love the smell of dog shit and Fabuloso in the morning!
No. Actually, I do not.
The term "quality of life" keeps going through my head. The quality of my life is going to improve immensely if by chance one day these seemingly immortal dogs do die. Their quality of life is fine. They eat and they lay in the sun or on the couch and they pee and they poop. They are dogs. They are absolutely delighted with their quality of life. They don't care that they can't see or hear. They don't care at all. I bet if they could talk they'd tell you, "Nope. I'm just fine. Got no worries. No worries at all."

What am I doing today? Well, I better take the trash because it smells shit.
I need to fix up the big coop and rearrange things like feeders and waterers for the new chickens. For awhile at least, I'm going to let the new chicks have the run of the big coop and keep the old chickens out of there. The babies, although they have grown tremendously in the last three weeks are not yet ready to join the flock of Elvis. This is always a tricky thing- mingling flocks. And I don't even know how many hens and how many roosters the new group consists of. Ideally they would all be hens but I sort of think I would like a rooster-in-training because Elvis is not going to live forever.
Unlike my dogs.
Well, anyway, I will be doing a little chicken tending.

And gardening. Got to do that. Got to put on my overalls and get out there and plant shit which means I have to weed shit and golly gee- it takes so long.

Tonight I am going to a play in Monticello. I think. I keep telling myself I am going to do this. Why are things like that so hard for me? I always have a good time when I do them but I have to force myself to actually get out there and be a part of the world. And yet, I can and will happily do exactly that in Mexico.

Speaking of Mexico, back in the old days when I was young(er), a mere slip of a thirty-something year old girl, I would spend the months and weeks before our trips planning and buying. I would shop for new clothes or make them. I would buy waterproof eyeshadows in mermaid colors. I would buy journals and books to take with me. I would buy small and expensive containers of shampoo and conditioner  and lotions and potions and I would buy silk underwear! Yes! Silk!
Ah lah.
One of the things I love to do on our journeys there is to dress up a little bit every night to go out for supper. Wear a little make-up. Put on my silver jewelry, much of it which I have bought there. Let everyone else wear their ratty shorts and T-shirts to supper, I am on a date with my handsome husband! I adopt the philosophy which Lis shared with me which is that everyone else may have no idea how to dress but we, my dear, do. And Mary Moon may feel completely comfortable wearing overalls on which she has allowed her grandsons to wipe the chicken poop from their forearms after hunting for eggs to sit down to the table for supper but Maria Luna likes to wear a white linen dress (which she bought to wear in Mexico at least twenty years ago) when she walks through the zocalo of an evening in Cozumel. I mean, I don't wear high heels or anything (or even a proper bra) but still. I want to look nice.
It just occurred to me that I probably need to shop for a bathing suit at the very least before we go. We spend a lot of time in the water in Cozumel. One would think I might even need two bathings suits. The last time I shopped for a bathing suit, Jessie was with me and it was so traumatic that I've not yet gotten over it.
Oh well. I still have a month and a half to deal with that. And I probably have that silk underwear around someplace. I should check that situation.

Okay. I need to get moving. Full day of activities around here. And a play to attend tonight.

Oh Lord. Give me strength.

Signing off now.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I need to go bathing suit shopping again. OMG, it's the worst thing, right?!
    For me, if an animal starts shitting in the house, it's time to get a night night needle.
    I want to stop earing a bra. I'm so over being harnessed.

  2. heartinhand- Yes, yes, and YES! I have like one real bra. Okay, two. And they are eons old. They're practically useless and yet, I can't even stand to wear them. I am thinking of just ordering a bathing suit online and wearing it no matter what it looks like. And why are they so fucking expensive?
    "Night-night needle." Haha!

  3. I am totally uninterested in what happened to that plane or where it happened. It crashed, they are all dead. what else do you need to know?

    when my sister had chickens and got a new bunch because the old bunch were getting older and not laying so much, those two flocks never did commingle. One group hung out at one end of the chicken yard, the other group at the other end.

    Me too, have to force myself out at night. always have fun but you need a pry bar to get me out of the house.

    I've been looking at bathing suits on line cause I'm spending a week at a beach house with girlfriends this August. I could buy one for pennies at the store, if I could find one I liked and wasn't made for humongous tits. they are so expensive on-line! $45 for just the bottoms (boy short type).

  4. I don't do bathing suits or bras and no, you are not the only one who is not obsessed with that plane. I don't like flying and I have to fly to Europe this summer, so I don't want to know what happened because it will just fuel my fear of flying even more.


  5. Would it be wrong if I prayed for at least one of your dogs to die? How many do you have and does Mr. Moon love them?

  6. Birdie- That's great! Pray away! I only have two and Mr. Moon is as ready for them to move on as I am.

  7. Hey mama, I know a nice farm where they can live out their days. No, really. They will get treats and nice people will clean up their poop and pee every day. I swear.

  8. Ellen Abbott- i realize these flocks may never become one. Quite possible. I would love for them to all roost together at night, though, eventually.
    And yeah- damn bathing suit prices. I see one I like in a catalog and it's like a hundred and something dollars. This is ridiculous.

    Lois- Mostly I don't like to fly because it's so icky these days. It's like riding the chicken bus, only without the interesting chickens. They cram you in and there you are and you're stuck and I hate it. But sometimes you just have to do it.

    Mr. Downtown- You crack me up. So when can you come and pick them up and take them to this farm?

  9. I 100% understand what you feel about going to social things. I am EXACTLY the same way. I would be poo pooing the going to a play thing all day long and then force myself to go and love it to pieces. I just like staying home too much.

  10. You make perfect sense to me, Ms. Moon. Hugs and thank you for always being you. I am sick of CNN only airing the stuff about the missing plane too. Enjoy your night out with your silver and shadow.

  11. Fuck bathing suits. We need bathing COSTUMES--like at the turn of the century before the turn of the last century. I love overalls. I gave them up when I moved to L.A., and I do love lingerie--fancy bras--which you don't but I think we should go to Mexico together sometime--Elizabeth too. Can you tell I've had a tad tooooooo much wine? Um, I wanted to say something about chickens....I forget what.

  12. Jill- Why do we do this? I will never quite understand.

    Nicol- Sweetie! How are you? I have missed you. I am so glad you are here.

    Denise- Ah love. Maybe we should do an alternative to Blogher. In Cozumel. And we can wear bathing costumes and whatever underwear we want or don't want.
    Sounds like heaven.
    Too much wine? I doubt it.

  13. I'm in for the Cozumel trip. I'd wear a bathing suit in front of ya'll for sure.

  14. Elizabeth- The All Woman, No Man, No Bra trip to Cozumel? Might be a real hoot.

  15. I'm not worrying about the bathing suit for me in Cabo. Or any eye makeup unless I want to do something funky like Keef does.

    Poor old dogs. They are also little dogs which seem to have the hardest time learning how to be housebroken. But I suspect their situation now is entirely due to their great quality of life and being elderly and lazy. Good to have Fabuloso. I learned about it through you.


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