Friday, March 14, 2014

While Some People Dine In Parisian Cafes...

Dear god, I have become the most boring person on the planet. It hasn't happened overnight- trust me. I've been working on this status for years.
But it's finally happened. I have reached that goal where sleeping is now the most interesting thing I do all day. I'd offer you my dreams to prove that point but I can't remember them.

Here's a picture of me and an un-named chick:

As you can see, the chicks are growing very fast. Yesterday I cut up some grapes for them and they ate them all up!!!
See? That's exciting to me. 

Also? You will note that I am wearing my beige corduroy overalls and my green cashmere sweater, both Old Navy brand, both acquired at the Goodwill. It's a good look, right? 
Especially when accessorized with the baby chick.

Here's another shot. 

Yes. I have eyes. 

Here's the funniest thing Owen said to me all week:

We were at Fanny's Cafe, having our delightful lunch on Tuesday and he had to poop so I took him in to the restroom. I stood outside the door so he could have his privacy but when I heard the toilet flush, I went in to make sure he was washing his hands. 
"How'd it go?" I asked him, as grandmothers sometimes do. 
"That was a disgusting poop," he said. "I am never pooping that poop again!"

I think I will leave you with that as there is very little I could add to even attempt to make it a better story. Find whatever meaning in it that you will. 

It is Friday. It is beautiful in Lloyd, but it is cold. I am going to take a walk. I am going to the library. I am going to give my baby chicks some more grapes. 

Tonight I will sleep.

Happy Friday, y'all.
Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Stop it with 'the most boring person' labeling! I find you fascinating, real, refreshing, and interesting...people who are boring: re-posters, no original contenters, self-agrandizers, and prejudiced ones....don't see you on this list! That outfit is a good look for you! Oh, and we got another fricking foot of snow, even though the goose started laying...

  2. I used to have a pair of overalls that I cherished. CHERISHED. Then I literally got too big for my britches. I miss them.

  3. Big mamabird- Thank you, sweetie! If the goose is laying, the snow will soon abate. I betcha!

    heartinhand- I know I am losing weight because my overalls are looser. You have no idea how happy this makes me. You should get more overalls. They are the best.

  4. I think being boring (Which you never are) is just lovely. Better than beating off the Black Dog.

  5. I assure you that you are not the most boring person in the world. Trust me. And the Owen poop comment just made me laugh very loudly in my office - I am sure my co-workers are curious. Which suits me fine because that is quite mysterious!


  6. Owen wins.

    "I am never pooping that poop again!"

    I want a t-shirt!

    how bad can a world with someone like you in it be? not all that bad, is what.



  7. Birdie- I ADORE boring. And here's the thing- it's never really boring to me. After that anxiety- good god. It's the most wonderful thing ever.

    Jill- Glad I can help you with that mysterious thing. I'll try to write something to make you cry soon. How's that? Then they're really wonder.

    Scott- I thought that what Owen said was brilliant but then again, I am his grandmother. You know how that goes. And know I feel the same about a world with you in it- gotta be okay is what I say.
    Love back.

  8. You look a bit like a chick yourself (in the picture with the eyes), peeping out from under cover.

  9. Beautiful photos, and great story :)

  10. Being boring is good. Believe me. I am glad to have a boring life now.

  11. Oh my god, that's the first time I've laughed all evening.

  12. I am so glad that you will be able to regale us with Owen stories for a long, long time.

  13. I like the Goodwill look! And the price was right, I'm sure! The chick definitely makes the outfit.

    Oh, Owen! I literally LOL'd at that story.

  14. Anonymous- A very old chick. Thank you, though!

    Jo- And so much the truth! No! You can never poop the same poop twice. Ever.

    Syd- Me too! Me too!

    Denise- Then I have done my job!

    Elizabeth- Good Lord willin' and the creek don't rise.

    Steve Reed- Yep. Price was right. And so fetching, too! The chick probably cost as much as the outfit.

  15. I'm in love with these pictures of you. Love the baby chick photos. And the chick holding them.


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