Saturday, March 29, 2014

Lloyd, Florida In Springtime

The sky cleared this morning and it has been beautiful all day long. Gorgeous, clear, breezy, warm. Perfect weather.

Still, I baked and cooked. I made a huge pot of soup, a vat of cookies, two loaves of bread. My husband will not starve this week.

I swept the porches and tended some plants and watered. I moved the plants I could move out from their wintering place in the house and sweetly asked Mr. Moon to move the rest which he did. I tidied up the mud room where they had been, took out the old, ugly plastic table they'd been resting on for the past four months. The mango tree in its pot has been taken outside from the laundry "room" and now I have a place to put the laundry basket. Such a small thing but not so small in my own particular life.
I did laundry. I swept the kitchen. I fed the baby chicks cut-up grapes, I walked around and took pictures of my yard.

The old rescued Red Flyer with pansies.

Wild violets and betony weed.

Three eggs in the nest. 

Baby chicks in their little shelter.

The swelling mulberries. 

A late blooming camellia.

The Japanese Maple with light behind it. 

A cascade of wisteria over the bamboo jungle. 

Another angle. 

A leafed fig for Ms. Rebecca.

Front porch. 

This is where I live and it suits me.

Maybe a little too damn well. 


  1. I am curious why you buy little chicks instead of having your hens brood and hatch and raise them.

  2. Even when you say you're going to do nothing you get so much done! And your front porch calls my name. Just lovely. Sweet Jo

  3. sg smith- Howdy! The reason I don't let my hens brood and hatch and raise them is that my hens don't go broody. Can't force 'em. Some breeds are broody and some are not. Mine are not.

    Sweet Jo- I am so very rich in porches. And I did get a lot done today. Maybe tomorrow I'll be all lazy and shit.

  4. Your Moon-iverse holds so much beauty. it makes my head spin.

  5. Thanks for answering my question, Ms Moon. Less haasle for the hens and more eggs for you. Sounds good to me

  6. Did you grow the mango from a seed? Maybe that's what we need to accompany our avocado!

  7. Denise- Yes. My Mooniverse. That is exactly what it is.

    sg smith- We have had a hen or two to sit on eggs but varmints have gotten every last chick. It's heartbreaking. For us and the hens. We're going to keep these chicks in the coop for a long time.

    Steve Reed- I did. From the seed of a mango from a tree in Roseland that I used to eat from as a child. That tree is precious to me.

  8. Wow, those chicks are growing fast. Dumb obvious observation. I know. But it was the first thing that popped into my pea brain.
    Enjoy your day.

  9. The baby chicks are growing up! Like the photos of your place. It is chilly and windy here today.

  10. Mooniverse!
    I love those ferns on your porch. I just do. And the fact that y'all have sunshine and shit, makes me jealous and happy all at once.
    It's snowing here. Surprise surprise.


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