Tuesday, March 25, 2014

There Is No Theme Here

My wrist kept me awake half the night. I wake up to a numb hand. Well, numb except for the pins and needles shooting through it. I turn, I stretch, I try to change things up with pillows and position and I fall back asleep and then wake up again, go through it all again. Over and over and over.
It's annoying.
As fuck.

Oh well. You live long enough you're going to have some shit like this to deal with.

Hank's coming out today to help me with some graphics and other things I need to get done for this Shebooks situation. I am overwhelmed by the simplest things. I need help. Thank goodness for my boy.
For all of my boys but today, especially for Hank.

Spaghetti squash?
Okay. Not that great.
But it's food.

My mustache is out of control.

This is weird- when I was on Lexapro, I noticed that I would frequently break out in localized hives that itched. Welts. Whatever. I have been doing the same thing on the Celexa generic. So okay, yeah, I'm slightly allergic. BUT, it's very mild and doesn't happen every day although if I go out in the evening, it will sure as shit happen and it will itch like crazy.
Stress, even the slightest amount, can wreak havoc on the body and intensify things greatly.
You probably already knew that.

I better go take a walk. I already took the trash. There was a truck parked there with a bumper sticker that said, "Got Ammo?"
I keep thinking about that woman whose son-in-law is in Jacksonville getting a new heart. She said it with about as much concern as she would say that he was in Jacksonville getting a new sofa.
Are heart transplants truly that commonplace now?

What are you pondering today?

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I am pondering on why I have such a hard time finishing big projects, and what that says about my self confidence. I am also wondering if we might not get a spring after all. Keep it real! Also all the ice by my front steps right there is probably 95% pee now...dog *and* cat pee..!

  2. I'm pondering why I can't seem to control my reaction to my mom's constant moaning, growling, muttering. Why does she do it? And why can't I just Let. It. Go.

  3. I'm pondering my broken/healing wrist and experiencing the same symptoms you are, though they seem to be getting slowly better.

    This shit sucks.

  4. I've had stress-based hives for the past year. I've found a claritin taken now and again helps--doesn't knock me out like a benadryl, and makes me stop itching.

    I figure if my body has decided that hives are the response to anxiety, I'll take it. It's better than an eating disorder.

    Happy raining Tuesday

    xo Sara

  5. I'm pondering how I'm going to motivate myself enough to walk my dog this morning because we have a fresh skiff of snow and I may just walk to a bridge and hop off because of it.
    I'm also pondering my love for Dave Grohl.
    Have you tried using a wrist brace? Give it a rest and some support.
    Now I'm pondering if there's a "wrist brace" for the soul?

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Deleting. Too many errors. Love.

  8. Big mamabird- Again, I wonder- WHY do we keep animals? Well, except for chickens.
    May spring come soon for you.

    Denise- Who could let that go? One's mother is not supposed to sound like that. It would drive me insane and that's the truth.
    I mean- bless her heart- I know she can't help it but that's still awfully hard.

    Akannie- This stems from a broken wrist when I was seventeen. It has been bothering me for decades. Gardening and things like that exacerbate the situation.

    Sara- And in my case, it's better than not being on an antidepressant.

    heartinhand- I would be contemplating a bridge jump myself. I swear I would.
    I did use a wrist brace for years but it reached the point where it wasn't helping. I need to dig it out and try it again because this is ridiculous.

  9. Rebecca- I got the deleted comment in the e-mail and typos do not bother me although I know they bother you.
    I think I do have a bit of carpal in my right wrist but my left wrist is fucked up by an improper setting and casting when I was seventeen and broke it.
    I used to have a beautiful jade plant but it died because I left it outside and it froze and I hate myself for that. I need another one. Some day.

  10. I can't imagine getting a new heart is routine for anybody. Maybe the woman with jet-black hair is simply treating the situation lightly because she can't face how scary it must be. Especially for the guy with the heart.

    I think the secret to spaghetti squash is pepper. Parmesan cheese is good on it too, but that probably doesn't fall into the "Eating All Healthy and Shit" category.

    I love the idea of the boys playing in the pile of dirt in the road. (Previous post.) Kids are funny. They're like cats, in that they do not need expensive toys. They'll play with anything.

  11. I am pondering what I can do to help find a missing 16-year-old girl in our area. She and her boyfriend left church Sunday and haven't been seen since. I wish I knew if they 'just' ran off, so I could 'just' be mad at her, but we're all so worried because we haven't heard from either of them. When I was a teenager and forgot to call home when I'd be late, my mom used to say 'you could have been laying in a ditch somewhere!' I know just what she meant.

  12. Denise's comment made me remember that I've been pondering why Sophie's panting drives me crazy and why I can't Let It Go.

    I was also just pondering how fantastic that Messy Nessy Chic website is -- and how the hell whoever does it, does it.

  13. Steve Reed- I'm not sure how completely "here" the woman with the black hair was. To be honest.
    Yes. Boys will play with anything. They prefer sticks and dirt to toys, in fact. I swear they do. I think the spaghetti squash is a matter of texture for me. It tasted fine. It was just too "squashy."

    catrina- Sounds to me like they just ran off. I hope they are found safely.

    Elizabeth- Some sounds, I think, are just impossible to become inured to. Don't you think? I love Messy Nessy. I believe it is one woman. I always find something there that amazes me.

  14. I'm pondering about getting older and not being able to do as many push ups and chin ups as I once could. And I may ponder a nap later.


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