Tuesday, March 18, 2014


This is Gibson, about to be two. This is a child of joy. There he is, playing his crap guitar and this is the picture that must be saved to go on the front of his first record/CD/Whatever-the-hell they'll be selling music on when he is grown.

This is Owen, also a child of joy, who runs and grabs me around my legs and says in a burst of sweetness, "I love you, Mer!" 

These are the boys who are here because of love, some of it that which has graced my life. They are the very visible reality of that love, not just their presence, but their light and their joy and their (dare I say this?) beauty. 

This is a first-reaching spray of opening dogwoods along the path of my walk today against a gray sky, with redbud behind it.

This has been a most ordinary day in a most ordinary life and my kitchen smells of the most ordinary things- soup and bread- and the profound goodness in it humbles me to my very soul.


  1. Good lord they are gorgeous. Gibson holds that guitar like a pro! And Owen in that picture smiles just like Lily. Such joy. But how could Gibson be two already?!!

  2. Gibson looks so cool with that hat and guitar. Great photo!

  3. And yet it's the ordinary things that I've wanted the most for years, and the ability to be able to appreciate them, without the miasma of anxiety. So glad you can. XOXO Sara (who is blogless for a while, while I regroup after a scary, scary stalker situation)

  4. They are just radiant. I'm so grateful that you've recorded their radiant lives here on the blog for us -- thank you.

  5. The key to happiness, I am convinced, is seeing the beauty in the ordinary!

  6. I love how much you love those boys! And I really appreciate your love of soup as well.

  7. Sweetness abounds. Our little worlds are so good.

  8. Those boys.....
    Heartbreakingly beautiful boys.

  9. Angella- I have no idea how he can be two already. It is a mystery to me.

    Sylvia- I think so too.

    Syd- Gibson Monroe Hartmann. He has a name to live up to.

    Beth- Hopefully without the life-threatening addictions. You know...

    Sara- Fuck! That's horrible! I've missed your posts. Let me know if you start writing somewhere else, please.

    Elizabeth- As I love your boys and your sharing their lives with us. Our beautiful boys.

    Steve Reed- You are my brother. I swear.

    heartinhand- After we finished our bowls of soup last night I said, "Too bad I made enough for 25 meals." Sadly...true.

    Ms. Vesuvius- Yes. They are.

    Yobobe- As is your boy. As will be this new child. I am excited as I can be about the upcoming birth.


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