Thursday, March 20, 2014

And A Boy Turns Two

That was about the best kid birthday party I ever attended. Lily so very wisely decided to have it at CiCi's pizza and it was awesome! The kids were happy with the menu and the game room and CiCi's did all the work. And let me just say that the guy whom I think is the manager at the Tallahassee CiCi's is a stellar representative of not only his company but of the very elements of taking pride in your job and doing the best job which can be done with grace and good will.
I am serious.

Anyway, here's a little video. As you can see, Owen was happy too. "This is the best birthday ever!" he kept saying.

How cute are those outfits? As Jason's brother said, they looked like little Hunter Thompsons. Good look! 

More pictures. 

Billy and Waylon.

Boppy helping Gibson blow out his candles on the Elmo cake which Lily made. I heard Owen tell May that Gibson loves Elmo. "You used to love Elmo too," she said.
I hate him now," he told her.
A developmental milestone for modern children. Someone should do a study.

Gibson loved the cake. A rainbow cake! And it was not only beautiful, it was very tasty. (Cake is Mediterranean, right? I know pizza is. For sure!)

And so it was a good time. Both his grandmothers, his beloved Boppy, his uncles, his cousin, his aunts, two kid friends, his mama, his daddy, his brother. Lots of love, lots of presents, lots of pizza and plenty of cake. 
Pretty perfect for a pretty fine two-year old. 

And because I can, I want to show you a jacket I embroidered for May a few years ago, back when my hands were still capable of such activities. I am proud of it, even though it's very simple. I had such a good time working on it. 

I wish I could still do that. Maybe someday I'll get my wrist fixed. If it's even possible. I sort of don't think it is. Isn't May a beautiful woman? 

And to make a wonderful day even better, Mr. Moon booked our flights and confirmed our room for Cozumel. We'll be leaving May 15 and I am beyond excited. 

I can't believe the absolute richness of my life. 

Tomorrow the boys are coming and I think we'll move the chicks into their coop home. I am looking forward to that with all of my heart. See you then. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Love - there is so much of it here.

    And tomorrow's plan with the boys and the chicks sounds great too. Can't wait to hear about it!

  2. Just perfect - the party, the boys, the guests. the place, the embroidery and May - she is your younger twin you know. Sweet Jo

  3. I love how much love and joy you have in your life!

  4. Happy birthday to Gibson. It looks like a great party. You will be in Mexico when we are there. We leave May 17 and return on May 24. Very cool.

  5. Love the birthday outfits and the embroidered jacket! What a treasure that must be for May.

  6. Such a delight, all of it. Love the hats and yes, May is a beauty! So is her jacket!

  7. Many happy returns of the day to your sweet grandson!

  8. Thank you for sharing Gibson's party. It made me smile.

  9. So much lovely. Two little Hunter Thompsons! Ha! The Thompson Twins?

  10. Oh those boys in hats!
    And I do love that jacket. Somewhere I have an embroidered sleeve of a shirt that wore out.


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