Monday, March 31, 2014

Just Another Manic Monday

So I had one of those dreams where you can't use your phone. This phone was all kind of fucked up. It was missing numbers. The numbers were stuck into a sort of fleecy stuffed thing and they kept falling out. I was at a party and had a baby and I kept saying, "I just want to call my husband and take my baby home!"
No one could help me. And I don't know why I couldn't just get in the car and drive home.
Of course there was the part of the dream where I told the young and idealistic girl why artists who made lots of money hadn't necessarily sold out. I told her, "Look, to be able to earn your living doing your art is the finest thing there can possibly be. And we live in a real world where we have to eat and have shelter and so we have to find a balance between our art, our ideals, and those realities."

Okay. WHY? This is not a debate I have in my head as far as I know. And yet, it must be there. And how would I know anything about earning a living through art?

Here's what the mean streets of Lloyd looked like when I went out to get the paper and feed the cat this morning.

Sort of pretty, isn't it? 

Well, those boys will be here soon. I guess I'll go whip up some healthy smoothies in preparation. That's as far as the lesson plan for MerMer's Day Care goes for today. Drink smoothies. 
Also- try to stem the anxiety. Mine. Which I am having. I'm pretty sure that neither Owen nor Gibson has much anxiety. I hope they never do. 

One more thing- why is it the last day of March and I am having to wear a sweater AND a jacket? Three of the hens slept together in one nest last night to try and stay warm. It's supposed to get up to 77 today. That would be nice for the chickens and the people too. 

All of us who live on the Mean Streets of Lloyd. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Oh, have a wonderful one free of anxiety. May the boys' lack thereof be contagious --

  2. Elizabeth- It was not my easiest day. I will admit that.
    But I did my best.

  3. Going to be warm here this week. I am glad. Tired of windy chilly rainy weather.

  4. Those are some mean streets! Watch out for roving gangs! (Of mockingbirds, maybe?)

  5. Dreams make no sense, yet they do. The mind is strange.

  6. Syd- I don't mind it being cool at night. But really- this has been a remarkably chilly spring.

    Steve Reeds- And Robins! You should see the hundreds of robins that come to plunder our yards and fields!

    heartinhand- I am constantly amazed at how the mind works. I will never understand it.


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