Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Batshit Crazy and Wicked Funny Good

Ay, yi, yi! I slept like a dead rock last night. A non-sentient rock.
And that was AFTER the big bat swooped around the kitchen and I stood there going, Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck- why does this always happen when my husband is out of town?
Spring. When we get all the birds and flowers and bats in the house.
Anyway, I fled the kitchen and I have no idea where the bat is but it wasn't in my room as far as I know.
Anyway, blah, blah, blah. I dreamed about Cozumel but it's my dream-land Cozumel which actually can't hold a candle to the real one and who wants to hear about that?

Go watch the video HERE. 
I'd embed it but that would involve me figuring tech shit out that I can't do this morning.
But trust me- it's wonderful and I LOVE OUR PRESIDENT!
Watch it!

It's really foggy here today. My walk is going to be all mysterious and shit.

See you later.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I am very cranky with our President and his proposed changes to the public service loan forgiveness.

  2. I dream of Paris the way I think you dream of Cozumel. I'm always heartbroken to wake up and find myself not in Paris after all.

    Ok I watched the video and you are right. AMAZING. So awesome.

  3. If there was a bat in my house, there'd be a for sale sign on the lawn.
    Crap attack.
    Going to watch your video.

  4. "all mysterious and shit" - you go girl. One of my favorite things to say to people is that I like to be mysterious. I am of course making a joke every time I say it.

    I can't see that video until I get home since I am at work and of course it is blocked! That is very mysterious too.

  5. Oh, thank you for that ieo....I love him evenmore than I did 10 minutes ago, if that is possible.

    Oh yes, and I love you too.

    Now let's see if I can decipher that damned test to prove I am not a robot.....or am I?

  6. NOLA- That is so out of character for him, it seems to me. I don't get it.

    Ms. Vesuvius- Our dreamscapes- they can be powerful.
    And to me, a good sense of humor is the finest test of intelligence. And if so, our president is a genius.

    heartinhand- If there was a for-sale sign on my lawn every time I saw a bat in this house, we wouldn't have to mow.

    Jill- Hope you get to watch it! Stay mysterious, my love!

    Lo- I hope you got one of the numbers tests. They are so much easier to read. Thanks for battling the anti-robot crap!

  7. I don't mind bats outside but inside is a different matter. But then, I feel the same about birds. They spook me out in a confined space.
    Love the idea of sleeping like a dead rock! :)

  8. I just saw this today and was going to post it on my blog, but couldn't find a place to embed it and then I got lazy. Have you seen the other Between Two Ferns? SO So funny!

  9. The Barack Obama video is so funny! I have passed it on to everyone I know.

  10. Jenny Woolf- Yes. Bats are awesome. Outside. Inside they are weird and creepy. I don't like birds in captivity either. Except chickens. And even those I let run every day.

    Rachel- No. I haven't seen the others but I will!

    Birdie- Say what you will about the USA but we do have a very cool and funny president.

  11. I think that he is a great person. And his humor is a killer.


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