Monday, March 3, 2014

Summation Of The Oscars Plus Baby Chicks

I frankly thought the Oscars were incredibly boring. Was that just me?
Jared Leto so very deservedly won best supporting actor and his speech was great and I loved it.
I should have then gone to bed.
Well, I would have missed Lupita Nyong'o and she was amazing.
I also would have missed Bette Midler singing "Wind Beneath My Wings."
Are you kidding me? And I am Bette's biggest fan and have been since 1973 but still...

Here's what Billy and I were saying to each other about it all during the last half hour (or last eighteen hours, it was hard to tell).

Sorry for all the overlaps. I am still waking up. I am in blue, Billy isn't.

I was glad to see McConaughey win. Did I spell that right? Anyway, I thought his speech was sort of weird. He talked about his god a lot. He did not once mention Ron Woodroof, the guy Dallas Buyer's Club was all about. Unless I missed that part. But I suppose the important thing is that he got that movie made against all odds for a pitiful amount of money and I believe they shot it in 29 days and that's amazing. Also, he brought his mother along with his incredibly beautiful wife. Extra point for the mama-bringing.

I did not see any boobs that made me very happy.
I fell in love with Bill Murray harder than ever before.
U2? Bite me. I heard that on at least one tour, Bono wanted to sleep in his own bed every night and therefore, someone drove his damn bed from city to city in a Ryder truck. Sorry. I have never understood the appeal of U2. Don't even tell me about all the good works Bono has done. It's Monday morning, I didn't get enough sleep and I don't care.

I will not, out of kindness, mention Goldie Hawn's face.

All right. That's about all I have to say about the Academy Awards Ceremony.

It is Monday. It is sort of raining. I am going to Target today to buy my husband new underwear. That is my entire goal for the day. I think I may also be going with Lily to the pediatrician's office for Owen to get a shot. She sent me a video last night of Owen in the bath that is the funniest thing ever but I cannot share it here because if I do, he will hate me when he is twelve.
Butt-slapping is involved.

The baby chicks are alive and well. Here's what they look like this morning.

Could they be any cuter? I don't think so.

Love...Your Intrepid Reporter, Ms. Moon


  1. I did not watch. I never watch. Haven't seen any of the movies that won best movie/actress/actor. as for boobs, I'm tired of seeing humongous fake ones.

  2. I "watched" from the next room. Easier on my stomach that way. Otherwise I'd retch.
    Sidney Poitier was moving kinda slowly, but still looking good.
    The old plastic surgery broads? Only searched a couple this morning, out of morbid curiosity. My wife even said, "Oh, *that* was Kim Novak?
    Um, ya. Train wreck.
    They all seemed to enjoy their self aggrandizement.

  3. I caught the last hour and a half because I was three episodes behind on Jeopardy and I watched my taped SNL episode first. Priorities. MM's speech was weird, he's his own hero? I think dude smokes too much weed. One thing I noticed? No one has their own face in Hollywood. 80 year old women have smooth foreheads. It's disturbing.
    I bought new underwear for me the other day! I have to go through my underwear drawer and get rid of the raggedy ones.
    Have a peaceful day!

  4. The thing about all the supposedly wonderful things they can do to keep a face looking young is they have not yet figured out what to do about the neck. It looks weird to have the face of a 30 year old but the neck of a 60 year old.

  5. I kind of loved Ellen and the selfie and the pizza. But I love entertainers. I come from their stock. Lupita was so dignified and eloquent. It was a breath of fresh air to have someone prepare a speech and not stand there going "uh um wow um wow".

    You and Billy are funny.

  6. A fine summary! At one point Bill Murray made a face of pure joy and I thought -- Mary Moon is going to love that :)

    Watching the snow, and wishing I could pet those little chicks! Hope Owen does okay today.

  7. Ellen Abbott- It seemed to be a year for covering boobs up mostly. You are wise not to watch.

    Bob- Well, you know- self aggrandizement is appropriate for that profession. And some of the winners are people we've never heard of- the writers, the camera people- and they deserve a moment in the spotlight, I think. Without them, there would be no Hollywood.

    heartinhand- You DO have your priorities straight. What do you think of Arthur Chu? He's tearing it up, isn't he?

    Birdie- I am always shocked at how badly the surgeries come out. The results, to me, are not pleasing nor even youthful. And you are SO right about the necks.

    Ms. Vesuvius- And Lupita is breathtakingly beautiful, as well. I sort of enjoyed the pizza bit. It is entertainment and as such, how can we really complain?

    SJ- When he leapt up after that song? I think he has become one of the most beautiful men in the world and you know I just love and adore him. Owen did fine today. Gibson lost his shit several times. This, too, shall pass.

  8. I actually watched the whole shebang and was at turns bored and thrilled. Lupita thrilled me, as did the presence of Bill Murray and Daniel Day Lewis. I found Matthew M.'s speech agonizingly stupid. I still don't get all the fuss over Gravity although that director seems sweet and humble. I love Ellen, but I thought some of her jokes were terrible. You could have had a drinking game with all the plastic surgeried cheeks on those aging stars, and I think they all looked washed out in the pale colors EXCEPT for Penelope Cruz and Lupita who are outrageously gorgeous.

  9. Elizabeth- The thought came to me that a good drinking game for the Academy Awards would involve the word "honored."

  10. I didn't watch. I just don't care, although I am glad that some of the movies I saw and liked won something.
    I did look up some of the photos of the women who look scary and freakish after plastic surgery. Who in their right mind would spend so much money to look so bad? It is baffling. Gravity wins in the end anyway--and at the Academy Awards too.

  11. I always just read about the Oscars after the fact. That saves me having to suffer through hours of BS.

    I am still stuck on what you said about Bono and his bed. Can that be true? It seems very un-Bono-like.

  12. Syd- Good one! Gravity did win a lot!

    Steve Reed-


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