Saturday, March 29, 2014

It Rained On My Parade And I'm Not That Concerned

It is still raining and Mr. Moon and I decided to forego the parade. Hank's house is as big as a thimble and we may regret our decision but we'll live, I'm sure.
When we got up, we were undecided. But then I found out that Jason was off today and that he could go with Lily and the boys. Owen has been excited about the parade for days. He collected extra peppermints when we went to Fanny's for lunch on Thursday and said he was going to sell them to kids at the parade. So Lily felt like she had to take him. But did we have to be involved?
"Let them do what parents do," my wise husband said.
And so it goes.

I just looked up to see Elvis standing in the hen house, his gaze trained on the nest which I assume has a hen on it, trying to lay an egg. I wonder if she'd like some privacy.
"Hurry up," he's probably saying. "I don't have all day here."
Or maybe he was just taking a break from the rain.

I have no plans for today. Can't work in the garden. Well, I could but frankly, that sounds too much like mud wrestling which I've never once had a yen to do. I just discovered that the word "yen" comes from the late 19th century China where a "yan" was the craving of a drug addict.
So, no. No yen for mud wrestling or, to be more exact, weed wrestling in the mud.
I am going to make Mr. Moon some cookies to take to the island for his fishing trip. He sat in the kitchen this morning while I was making breakfast, trying to come up with ideas for feeding the guys. Things that would be quick, easy, and healthy. Real offshore fishing is hard damn work. Those men go out and come back exhausted and hungry. They don't feel like making a meal, either. They just want to eat and go to sleep and get up and do it all again.
"How about if I took a meatloaf over there?" Mr. Moon asked.
"Mmmmm," I said, sauteing the peppers and onions and mushrooms for our breakfast. "I could make you up a meatloaf I guess."
"Maybe just a big pot of soup," he said.
"You're determined to get me involved in this, aren't you?" I asked, breaking the eggs in a bowl. Two blue ones and a green.
"Yeah, sure. I could make you up a pot of venison and vegetable soup," I told him.

Why not? I have time.
I could make a few loaves of bread too. This actually sounds like a lovely thing to do today as it rains outside. Better than cleaning, I'll tell you that.
Sort of a perfect Saturday where the rain is falling and I can come out to the porch and therefore be inside and out at the same time. Watch Elvis and the Sister Wives as they parade around the yard. They won't be flinging beads or driving tiny motorcycles while wearing Fez's but that's okay with me. I mean, I do love a parade, I really do. I'm just getting old and lazy, I guess. Too much of a wuss to stand outside as the rain falls, praying the Shriners don't wreck their bikes on the wet road and require medical assistance.
Yeah, I'm rationalizing.

Do you remember this?

Man. I loved that movie.
You know what else I love? That I can go to Youtube, type in Big Chill, Jeff Goldblum, rationalization, and there it is.

Okay. Let's try this again.
Keith Richards...

And if you've never watched that, you really should because it's AWESOME and then to make it even more so, listen to this:

Okay. I could do this all day. But I won't.

Well, I might but I won't subject you to it.

I hope this has been as much fun for you as it has for me.

Oh wait. One more. I sat through an entire fucking movie for just this scene.

"Does this face look like it's been to the Fountain of Youth?"
No. It looks like it's been to the Fountain of yan. And lived to tell the tale.

Love you...Ms. Moon


  1. A rare blue sky here today and I have to work at the antique store. Windy too. It seems like it's been overcast since the middle of November.

  2. baking bread and soup in a cosy house while the rain patters on the roof sounds divine to me this morning. it is raining in new york too, which is making me realize the feeling of coziness emanates from within. i am not emanating it one bit, but i am glad you are.

  3. rain and mud and rain I'm baking croissants last time I made them I wrapped them too tight and they looked like fat little baby legs in diapers but you Angella and I are all baking in the rain and I love that feeling of connectivity

    there's a new JD movie coming out

    I used to love parades until someone shot bullets into a huge parade in Seattle one year then my phobia of crowds of more than one people solidified

    Mary! my hazelnut tree is covered in bright green little dresses in spite of the rain there is green everywhere


  4. Ellen Abbott- It's been a couple of hours since I wrote this post and wouldn't you know? The sky is blue as can be. Good Lord!

    Angella- I love feeling cozy. Sure beats crazy. I hope you can feel some of it too, darling.

    Rebecca- Mixing up the cookie dough now. About to start in on soup and bread, even though the sky is blue now. The garden is still too wet to contemplate. And my fig trees have leaves on them! And my mulberry has tiny fuzzy berries. And I think of you when I see these things. Every time. Because I know you would love them. Enjoy your rain, your baking, the bright green tiny dresses on your hazelnut tree. May your pump be working.

  5. Chili or soup or a pot roast sound excellent for fishermen. We don't do meat except for sea food, so I would have to eat what I caught. LOL.

  6. Well that was an interesting little video tour. I'm not sure I ever knew about that Keith Richards episode, and I saw "The Big Chill" so long ago I can't really remember any of it. I should watch it again.

    Mr. Moon is going to lug a pot of soup to a fishing expedition? That doesn't sound like very portable food.

  7. Syd- Well, since this soup has venison in it, it IS something Mr. Moon caught!

    Steve Reed- I loved the Big Chill. I think it would be worth watching for you even if just for the music. Isn't that a great Keith story?
    Nah, it'll be easy to take that soup in a cooler. Then they can just heat it up and they have vegetables and protein all in one bowl.

  8. I love the way you nurture him and others with your soup and your bread and your love.


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