Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Okay, Yeah, I Called The Dog Groomer Too

I swear to you, absolutely nothing exciting has happened here today. Unless you count the fact that I finally decided what to make for supper (frijoles negros AND rojos!) and I'm sorry. Really. That does not count.

I took a walk. I picked the azaleas you see above from an empty-house yard. I cleaned Jessie's room. I, uh...filled up the chicken waterer?

There. You see?

Guess what?

It's been great.


  1. It is a good thing to be able to just do normal everyday things and it not be a struggle!

  2. Oh, baby chicks. Poopy? Well, they are. I once sat with my legs crossed with clients all day and finally noticed I had a glob of chicken poop on the bottom of my shoe. Sheesh.

    I love you so. From here. House dreams! Maybe you can dream me the perfect house.

    XXXX Beth

  3. It DOES sound great. I'm sure the dogs appreciate it! :)

  4. those azaleas are positively gorgeous.

  5. My day was just as eventful!

  6. So good. Glad that you had a day of lightness and nothing heavy to do. We need those days.

  7. Frijoles! I am excited by simple things. :)

  8. Birdie- An unbelievable gift.

    Beth Coyote- I am trying! And honey, I usually have chicken poop on my shoes. Oh well.

    Steve Reed- They do love groomer.

    Maggie May- Aren't they?

    heartinhand- Haha!

    Syd- I seem to need them frequently.

    Stephanie- I love beans. To pieces.

  9. my azaleas are under a foot of snow still....

    wishing you bright thoughts on a dreary day



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