Monday, March 17, 2014

A Fine St. Patrick's Day

So I went over to the side of the yard today to check out Elvis's baby. And I saw the chicken and by golly, Elvis's baby is a rooster! He was crowing his head off. I am a bit jealous that his one surviving child belongs to the folks next door but I understand how these things work. If one of their roosters impregnated one of my hens, the chicks, if there were any, would be mine. And hey- I take all of Miss Honey's eggs I can find.
It's just that he looks so much like Elvis. And Elvis is such a fine rooster.
When one of the hens lays an egg in the hen house, she calls out and Elvis comes running from wherever in the yard the flock is and takes her back with him.
I was watching just this process this morning and I thought to myself that it's like he has a small business, Elvis does. We could call it the Elvis O'Rooster Hen Escort Service.
He's so serious about his position as the Rooster.

Either chickens are some of the most fascinating creatures in the world or else I am one of the most easily amused.

So I went to the Goodwill with Lily and the boys. It was blue-tag-half-off day. And y'all, it's not the color of the tag but the color of the little plastic thing holding the tag to the item.
Now I know and so do you.

Lily got some clothes and I got Owen a dinosaur thing which he loved. He told me I was the best Mer in the world and I told him he was the best Owen. He wanted my phone to take pictures at the Goodwill. I let him and advised him to take pictures of interesting things.

Here are a couple.

I think he did a good job. He was a fine boy at the Goodwill and played with his dinosaur and and on a rocking horse. Gibson was not quite as happy but he was pretty good too, considering. I bought him a guitar which is a piece of crap but he won't care. Maybe. He did keep putting it back on the shelf but all sales are final so I made him take it with him.

After Goodwill, we met up with Hank and Anna at the Cuban place which we love. Kids eat free. All the time. Owen wanted to sit by himself and since we were about the only people in there, we let him. He ate quietly and enjoyed his lunch. I don't know how long this phase he's in of being the best boy in the world is going to last but for now, it's sure a joy.

Here are the boys eating their dessert which was M&M's from the machine by the door.

That's a green shamrock his mama painted on his face for him this morning. Gibson did not want one. And then he did. And then he didn't. Tears were involved. SO MANY CHOICES!
Owen asked me if I had decorated for St. Patricks. I told him I had not. 
He also asked me if Keith Richards was dead. I said, "No dear. He's in Australia, about to play a concert."

So that was my day and Mr. Moon did not go to auction so I will be cooking an actual dinner tonight. I had thought maybe I'd make corned beef and cabbage, which I do love, but honestly, that corned beef can't be good for you. So we're having egg rolls instead. And tomorrow we shall eat garbanzo bean soup with cabbage. So we're getting the cabbage part, at least. 

I better get busy. Those egg rolls take forever. But they are one of Mr. Moon's favorites and I love to make them for him. I bake them so they are not so bad for us. And I make hot and sour soup to go with but I will be honest with you- I use a package mix. But I put extra tofu and vegetables in it. 

Why am I droning on like this? Who cares?

Hope your day was good too. Stay away from green beer. That's my advice. 
And always use extra tofu and vegetables whenever possible. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Goodwill is my second home. They don't have bag sales here; they have color of the week. So anything that has the little, plastic barb of a specific color is half off. (I know way too much about how their system works, eeek!) I bought a lap harp from there just the other week and just spent 45 minutes tuning it.

    Happy St. Pat's Day!

  2. I am so taken by the picture of the bear up high on the shelf. It reminds me that children are viewing the world from such a different perspective. And how large and overbearing the world must feel at times! Can it really be true that roosters--or this one at least--are so very protective and gentle with hens? I mean, I know you've said it before. But I read that part three times, my brain trying to make itself believe.

  3. Nancy- One never knows when one will find The Treasure at Goodwill. A lap harp is definitely one. Yay, you!

    Ms. Vesuvius- Yes, he really is that sweet with the hens. Now his love-making...well, not that sweet. But it is blessedly very short. Roosters, like the wisest of men, realize that the ladies will like you a lot better if you are gentle and dependable. And generous. As is Elvis.

  4. No green beer here. And no cabbage this year either. We are both eating as healthily as possible but the smell of cabbage cooking does me in.

  5. Hey this is a coincidence. the last blog I read mentioned corned beef too. I don't think I've ever seen a blog mention corned beef before today. I don't think it means anything, though.

  6. ┈▕▔▔▔▔▔▔▏┈╰╮Happy┈

  7. Sometimes reading your posts I'll suddenly laugh out loud as I did in this one when Gibson kept putting the guitar back on the shelf. And that Owen has a mighty fine eye.

  8. Syd- What IS St. Patrick's Day but an excuse to drink? Green beer? Really? We're trying very hard to eat healthy too. Thus- egg rolls.

    Jenny Woolf- Everyone eats corned beef and cabbage over here for St. Patrick's. Well, if they're not too drunk on green beer to make it.

    Birdie- And same to you!

    Angella- It was so funny. I'd already paid for it and he just kept putting it back on the shelf. He KNEW it was crap. I like Owen's pictures too.

  9. I care, for sure. I love to read you. Love Owen's pics, good eye!

  10. I think it's time for a recipe -- it's been a while, and those egg rolls sound delicious.

  11. Elvis. Elvis. Elvis. I am obsessed with that handsome bird! And now there's Elvis junior!
    And those sweet boys.
    Good night.

  12. I am struck by the handing of the phone to Owen to take pictures. Those are the kinds of awesome memories he will have for years - his Mer letting him take pics at Goodwill.

    Elvis is awesome. And perhaps he heard talk about what happened to the last rooster that was not awesome :)

  13. I care :)

    Do you use wonton wrappers when you make eggrolls? I've been thinking about making things with wonton wrappers. I have simple dreams :)

    Elvis sounds more considerate than most human men I know.

  14. No, you are right, chickens are very entertaining.

  15. The way you feel about chickens is how I feel about dogs. I could watch them for hours on end.
    Oh the challenges from 18 months to 4 years old can be earth shattering! So much easier to watch from a generation away.

  16. Bethany- I am loving using my tiny vase for my tiny bouquets. Thank you.

    Elizabeth- Those eggrolls are butt- easy. I'm almost ashamed to admit how easy.

    Denise- Elvis, Jr! Ha! True.

    Jill- He witnessed the whole event so yes, Elvis does know! I thought it was pretty cool that Owen wanted to take pictures. He did it pretty thoughtfully, too.

    SJ- I use the egg roll wrappers. In Publix, they're right next to the wonton wrappers.
    Elvis IS more considerate than many men.

    Ellen Abbott- To me they sure are.

    heartinhand- Well, I'll let you watch ALL the dogs. I'll watch the chickens.


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