Thursday, March 6, 2014

Comings And Goings

Jessie arrived glowing sweet as roses and the boys and Lily have come out to see her and much Wii playing went on and kissing and hugging and petting of baby chickens, too.
"Want one," Gibson said. "That one."
He wanted to pet them all.
Owen was content to hold one. "They're so nice!" he said. "Where is their mother?"
I explained to him as best I could about how these chicks don't have a mother. "I'm sort of like their mother," I said.
He accepted that fine. He was beside himself with joy to have Jessie here and his mama and his Boppy and his Mer too. He showed off his fancy martial arts moves, he showed off his tattoos, he demanded that Jessie play Beatle dolls with him, he told everyone playing Wii games to "focus your brain." He excelled at sword fighting and at cycling.
Gibson mostly wanted his Boppy and couch fishing and games but he was happy to give and receive a few hugs and kisses from the rest of us as well.

They've all gone now. Lily and the boys back to their place and Jessie to a rehearsal. Mr. Moon and I are here alone again, the rain still comes and goes. Soup is simmering.

So it goes. One moment the house is bursting with energy and voices and the next, all is calm again. The boys will be back tomorrow for the day and then...the gathering of everyone.

It will be very fine, just as it is right now.


  1. Does Owen still want to marry Jessie?

  2. Look at everyone's face in that first picture, but look especially at Gibson's face! He is the cutest! Sweet Jo

  3. The adorableness of Gibson in the first picture!

  4. I really get the sense of the coming-and-going, the tidal energy, from this post! Glad the soup is simmering! :)

  5. I love that feeling when all chicks come home to roost. Until my dumb son in law opens his mouth...LOL! Enjoy your flock!

  6. My chicks were both home last night too, we hung out in the bedroom, the tv muted, just talking and laughing. It was perfect, but too short!
    I'm glad your clan gathered and had fun. And Owen! I'm going to have to work on that brain focusing skill!
    hugs :)

  7. Comings and goings here in Margaritaville, too. I'm sad for the loss. Happy for the peace. Sad for the emptiness. Happy for the space. Feeling a little like Goldilocks. House too big. House too small. Wondering what is 'just right.'

  8. Sounds so nice to have everyone there. But so good to have Jessie back home for a few days.


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