Sunday, March 23, 2014

I Live In My Church

I just ate a breakfast fit for a stevedore. I did. And pancakes were not involved.
I can now go plow the lower forty.
"Hook up the mule, Paw! I'm ready to break some damn ground!"

It's so pretty here this morning. The Bradford Pear blossoms are falling gently to the ground, white petal by petal. A spring snow of sorts. The sun is shining, it is not yet hot. I need to go weed.

I got no rants in me today. I'm just taking it as it comes.
I've got the doors open to the air and the light.
My heart is open to every living thing. I feel tender and compassionate at this moment towards all.

Yes. Even the old damn dogs. 


  1. Everything looks so lovely! Still waiting on spring here.

  2. I always think of your majestic trees as nature's cathedrals. You are a worthy guardian of that holy place. And we are grateful you share it with us. And i love you.

  3. That widdle puppy face!!
    (Don't hate me!)
    The green. Oh the green! I live vicariously through your spring.

  4. OMG! That dog is adorable. I will go to hell if I pray for his death. He is far too pathetic looking.

  5. Susan Johnson- And this is why I live in Florida.

    Angella- I can't even capture the majesty of these trees. I love you too. So much.

    Lisa- Thanks, sugar.

    heartinhand- Oh, the widdle butt that pooped out a poop as big as her head. In the hallway.
    Just sayin'....

    Birdie- He's a she. And see above.

  6. Aww, it's great to see one of your dogs for a change. She doesn't look as pathetic as I thought she might. But then, she's not pooping on MY floor. :)

  7. Something about soft hearts in the spring- as if some buried seed somewhere needs mushy-hearted emotions and maybe a few tears before the shell-breaking and the growth can begin.

  8. Steve Reed- You are right about that. Not pooping on your floor. I'll ship her to England if you want...

    Ajax- Perfectly and truly true. Yes, darling.

  9. Those fiddleheads look great. All is spring like in your neck of the woods.


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