Monday, January 2, 2012


Solamente un norte.

That's what our waiter told me tonight. He promised it would only last a few days...
We may spend tomorrow in bed.
And that would not be so bad.

It is blowing so hard that children are flying down the street. They took the huge Mexican flag down at the waterfront. They've removed the pool chairs here at Hotel B.


Mr. Moon and I stood in line tonight in the zocaro to get...what? Someone had told us it was corn and worth the wait. So, there we stood. And when we got to the head of the line we got a styrofoam cup of corn kernels cooked in about forty tons of butter and then layered with mayonnaise and sour cream and chili pepper and lime and more and more of the same. It was hot. Thank GOD we only got one cup.
If humans crave fats and carbs above all other foods, this is the perfect food.
Shut the fuck up.
It was awesome.

Then we went and had a drink at Woody's where the bartender is from Minnesota but has also been a police officer in Cozumel as he is also Mexican. He says it is harder work to be a bartender but he makes more money doing that. While Mr. Moon watched some game on TV I went and did some more silver shopping. No. I still didn't get anything, but I had some nice conversations. Lord, these people are nice.

Then on to dinner at Abuelo Gerardos and we ate a grilled seafood platter with fish and tiny lobsters and shrimp and conch. And there was rice and mashed potatoes and carrots and squash and onions and guacamole and chips and bread and salsas. And then the waiter brought us tiny plates of delicious chocolate cake AND the very best drink I ever had which was called Beso de Maya, I think, and that means Kiss of the Maya and it had Kahlua and cream and anise and cinnamon.
I could kiss a Mayan all night long.

We walked back in the wind to the scooter and Mr. Moon did not have the key. He was upset. No worries, I said. We'll find it.
We retraced out steps and sure enough, there it was under his chair at Woody's.
We needed the walk in the fresh air anyway.

We came home through the wind and made it safely. Lily had sent me a video of Owen bouncing on the bed and dancing, naked, and I watched it three times.
My boy! I can't wait to get my hands on him again. And on his mama's pregnant belly.

And here we are. The wind whips and the sea crashes.

It will take me all night long to digest this food and half of tomorrow.

Corn and mayonnaise. With sour cream, lime and chili.

Forget the lobster, cake, and Mayan Kisses.

To bed. To bed. To bed.

Solamente un norte.

We will sleep well tonight.


  1. Oh, God. That corncoction sounds outrageously good. For me it would be that lime taste at the end.

    Stay safe and windless.

  2. That corn cup sounds both disgusting a delicious...hell I'd try it. I must say the Mayan Kiss sounds even better though. :)

  3. Ms. Moon -- your cussing is coming back. Is that because your wonderful trip is nearing its end? I like your cussing, just an observation. Joanne

  4. You had me at corn with mayonnaise.

    But if you don't get out of their with something silver, I will have you committed.

  5. Did you say guacamole? :-) I can taste the food just from your descriptions. That corn-in-a-cup sounded delicious! And the drink too.

  6. It is blowing here as well and chilly. The corn stuff sounds interesting. But the Mayan food sounds great!

  7. <=== eats mayo on baked potatoes and macaroni!



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