Thursday, January 26, 2012

If We Could Only Agree That We Are Going To Disagree

The rain is coming down and the way it sounds falling from the roof is like the earth is being pat, pat, patted, gently and sweetly from the heavens.
Ah. Sigh.

We had a line-rehearsal tonight, which means that we sat around and said our lines and it was at Jan and Jack's house because the Opera House has a big ol' event going on and we sucked.
Yep. We did. It's actually harder to just sit and say lines than it is to be up and doing it because we associate where we are and how we are using our props as memory devices.
Or maybe we just suck.
I was sitting next to our young'un on the couch and she was texting inbetween her scenes and I watched her fingers flying on that tiny keyboard and I was amazed. Oh, youth. There is no substitute.

Anyway, we got to talking a little bit about politics. At least three of us there are pretty damned die-hard liberals and one of us is definitely not and we didn't get into it but I said that I think they're going to find a gene for whether you tend towards the liberal side of things or the more conservative side and that's just the way it is and that people hardly ever, EVER change sides of that fence.

I do believe it, too. The older I get, the more I think we're hardwired by our genes and that goes for religion as well as politics and I was just thinking about that. It occurred to me that we waste SO much time trying to fight the other side and how it does no good and what seems SO VERY OBVIOUS to one side seems like the biggest stinking pile of dog crap to the other and vice versa and maybe we should just give up the fight.

Maybe we should just take turns, you know? Democrats this election, Republicans that election and quit all the name-calling and shit-throwing and just accept that we are a nation made up of both ways of thinking (okay, probably many, many ways of thinking but you know what I mean) and stop wasting our breath. Maybe everyone would be a little more chill, knowing that their time is coming up.

Yeah, yeah. I know. It'll never happen and it probably wouldn't work but it's a thought. What's going on these days sure isn't working. Hell, Richard Damn Nixon would be too liberal for today's conservatives and the space between the two parties has just gotten so wide and so rocky that it doesn't seem like anyone can cross it anymore, which only leads to nothing getting done at all for the good of anyone.

Except for the very wealthy. They always make out like bandits, somehow.

Well, shit. Whatever.

The rain is coming down harder and I have an azalea bud opening and this is just crazy but it's nice, too. The pecans sure aren't opening anything up yet. They're tightfisted as ever.

They're wired like that.

I'm wired the way I am wired and you're wired the way you are wired and yet, we can all agree on some things.

The sweet sound of rain coming down, for one thing. And the way a sweet boy in Elmo pajamas feels in your arms.

and the way crock pot chili tastes at the end of a long day.

Yeah. Like that.

Sweet sleep, y'all.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I think you are mostly right though I don't think it's genetics just that we get to a point where we decide and then it's too much trouble to decide again no matter how things change. It's just too much fucking effort. My other half thinks things won't get better til our generation, the baby boomers, dies. We split into opposing camps in the 60s and there is no reconciliation.

  2. It's true, in some fashion. Even being the only conservative in the room tonight, it's never easy to explain. That was a fun rehearsal though.
    I like the juxtaposition of the picture of you and Owen you just posted, next to the one to the right in your sidebar. What a difference.

  3. I've got chili in my crockpot too. And hey! I didn't even ask you for you to help me. Progress :)

  4. You may well be right here, Ms Moon, but I also reckon we can change in one or other direction over time, but it's the extremes that take up all the space and keep up the conflict. A pity that.

  5. We do, we do spend too much time fighting. And not just about politics. Maybe we should just stop...but could we? It seems like it's human nature to argue, to want to prove each other wrong. Whatever the reason may be for all of this fighting, I want it to end. It's a waste of time trying to change somebody's opinion when, as you say, they're hard wired to think they way that they do-so why even try?

    Maybe we fight because we have a hard time accepting people for who they are and what they believe.

    I will climb down from my soapbox now. Bless you, Ms. Moon, and goodnight.

  6. I know I read somewhere that when PET scans were done of people claiming to be conservative and those claiming to be liberal, different areas lit up and they determined that conservatives are more likely to make resolute decisions and liberals have more of an ability to hold opposing views, etc. etc. It was very interesting. But that makes me also wonder what sort of influences help to wire out brains in certain ways --

  7. Actually I think it can be really interesting when liberals and conservatives dialogue. There was an AM radio station in San Francisco that just folded, unfortunately, on which you occasionally heard people begin to shift their political positions on various issues. I found that fascinating and hopeful.

    Owen is looking very mature---blue tractors really suit him!

  8. I've had it with all the GOP stuff! I get nauseated even thinking about it.

  9. Ellen Abbott- Well, that's an interesting idea. And it sure might be true.

    Jon- I love that we love each other, despite our differences. And yeah, that IS an interesting juxtaposition!

    SJ- I'm so proud of you!

    Elisabeth- And it's ALL extremes, it seems to me.

    MurrBeth- I think you nailed it- we have a very hard time accepting "the other" no matter what form that takes.

    Elizabeth- I don't know. But I do know that liberals can spring from conservative up-bringings and vice versa. As Jack said tonight, he knew he was a liberal when he was eight years old.

    A- That WOULD be interesting and it probably wouldn't happen here in the Deep South.

    Angie- Me too. Literally.

  10. My mom changes sides (liberal to conservative) in her forties. It was a trip.

  11. It is probably about nurture too. My parents were Democrats but I am a yellow dog one. Maybe it is genetic about making money and having that be a god or something. I don't know. But the chasm is wide.


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