Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I Know How The Junkie Feels


I got earrings. See above.
Also, that man. He caught me catching him and so posed for a picture. How I am going to miss getting on the scooter behind him, holding him tightly as we drive down the road by the sea, through the neighborhoods, flirting with the babies on the scoots in their mama's arms beside us.
Jesus God, how I am going to miss it all.

We went to town, we had drinks, we bought these earrings, we went to supper, we went to a bar where there was live music, we stayed long enough to want to come back, we got here and there is a band again tonight. Un fiesta! I think it's the same band that played the other night and please let them not play all night again.

But. They played an entire set of Beatle's songs. Okay. Young. Mexican guys playing Beatle's songs. On the beach. In Cozumel.
I have to tell you. I walked out by the water and I thought, Okay, god, if that's the deal, go ahead.

I have no idea what that means.

Fuck it. I give up. All night I've been thinking about Keith Richards and how he must have felt when he was a junkie and had slipped the last bit of dope into his arm. Such ecstasy. Such sorrow.

But Cozumel is not dope. It is real, it is here.
But for me, it is ecstasy.

I hear that in Lloyd it is freezing tonight. And will be cold tomorrow. I didn't even bring a pair of socks to wear home.

But Lily and Jason and Owen are going to meet us at the airport. I wonder if Owen is going to be all pissed off and cool and all oh yeah, there you are of if he's going to be really happy to see us.
Who knows?
Not me.
That's one thing that hasn't changed.

I do not know shit.

But I do know that he is going to have to suffer my embraces, my kisses.

As Mr. Moon may also have to do tonight.


Sweet, sweet sorrow. Sweet sorrowful ecstasy.

The wind is singing a song of deep sighs and the moon is a silver skull grin above me in the dark black sky.

Cozumel. Cozumel. Ah. Cozumel.


  1. I'm so glad you bought the earrings, Ms Moon, and such gorgeous earrings. Who cares about the cold back home when you've enjoyed such warmth. More power to you. And that man in your photo, Mr Moon, photoshopped or through the mirror. A great shot. Lucky you. Not a junkie, just fortunate and well deserving of it. And when Owen ignores you, if he does, you know it's his attempt at protest.

    It's as if he's saying: 'How dare you leave me like that? I'll show you. I'll ignore you.'

    Only I doubt that he'd have any awareness of it. It's instinctive stuff, the stuff of little people, their profound helplessness. How else to let you know he missed you and he's hurt you went away.

  2. Thank you thank you thank you... I have just caught up on your last week - mine was hectic feeding cleaning more feeding of visitors and family all absolutely enjoyable and exhausting - and here I sit the calm after the storm soaking in your words, loving your writing, taking me away from it all... I have just called my husband at work and told him 2012 is the year of us, we are going to Spain for valentines... To swim eat walk play and buy rum.. Thank you Ms & Mr Moon.. J in Ireland

  3. Gorgeous earrings and photo! It is 24 degrees in Atlanta but clear and sunny. Will be in the 60's again in a few days! Everyone at the Cozumel airport leaving has that same look on their face, huh? Loved hearing about your trip.
    --Michele R.

  4. I like the earrings. Do they have a turquoise or some stone in them? Nice.

    It is cold here also. Maybe I should go to Cozumel by boat--sailing there. It is an idea.

    Parting is such sweet sorrow. But you can return. Maybe sooner rather than later. Love you, Ms. Moon.

  5. glad you got your silver. it's been a wonderful vacation. I wanna go!!!

  6. Dang. I miss your chickens though, and Owen. So I guess I'm ready.

  7. If Owen is like Austin, he will be happy for half a beat and then remember he is pissed.

    I love the way you describe riding on the scooter with your man.

  8. Those earrings look hawt on you. You will cherish them for the memories of this visit as well.

    When I was young my father fell in love with a tiny island in the Caribbean and when we would leave after a month or more! we would cry til the little plane took us to our connection, and often beyond, all the way to Miami. Sometimes further, til Toronto and for a couple days after. At that point my father got a boat and sailed it to that island from Morehead City, NC, and kept it on the island so he could go whenever he wanted and stay aboard it.

    Your Cozumel encounter has taken me way way back.




  9. Vacation did you well and I you got some earrings! Memories of your journey with Mr. Moon, all the people, the food the sights, the sea all their in you.

    Safe journey back home and that Mr. Owen had best give you a huge hug!

  10. Outstanding photo -- I mean, it says it ALL.

  11. Beautiful photo.

    The boy going to be SO happy to see you!

  12. Wow, this Cozumel, you look like Newlyweds! Sweet.

  13. that is a rather sexy photo mr and mrs moon.


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