Monday, January 30, 2012

A Boy With His Circus Plunder

He saw elephants, y'all. And horses.
I asked him what the clowns did.
He said they rode in cars.
Imagine that!


  1. Oh I love that elephant's eyes! So big and blue and the tusks too! These will be fun play toys of make believe at the circus today.

  2. BabyGirl went to the circus too. She got a stuffed elephant, but, in contradiction, she said later, "the elephants seem sad; they make me sad seeing them there."

    We discussed what would happen if we just freed the elephants in Tallahassee; where would the go? what would they do? Would they just kind of wander down to Wakulla Springs? Would they hang out at the mall?

  3. Mags- How much would I love it to see elephants hanging out at Wakulla Springs?
    Gawd. That would be so awesome.

  4. He is so cute in his overalls. I used to dress my son in overalls all the time when he was Owen's age.

  5. That boy has a face that could charm a clown.

    You look so beautiful ( I typed too fast and it came out only 'ful' lol ) in those below pictures out with Mr. Moon and the ex Mr. You have that radiance.

  6. Very cool plastic animals and a very real little boy.

  7. That pony scares me.

    I took my boys to the circus about five years ago. It wasn't nearly as fun for me as it was for them, but at the end, as we were walking out we got to watch Hugh Hefner and three of his ladies walk out and into their limo. That was a real circus.


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