Sunday, January 15, 2012

Time To Make The Grits

Freddy put this picture up on Facebook and wrote: Your face. Everywhere. This is in Chicago.

I have no idea what that cryptic little genius is doing in Chicago and no idea why my face is everywhere but it's sort of cool, eh? I remember the day we filmed that. It was my fifty-sixth birthday and it was my second day ever of being filmed by Freddy. Or anyone, for that matter.

It's Sunday morning and cold again. Cold like bite-my-ass-this-is-Florida COLD! Mr. Moon and Jason just pulled back into the yard after hunting. I stuck my head out and said, "Did you catch a deer?" This is what I always say. Perhaps in my mind, instead of shooting deer, they run after them and gently scoop them into their arms and kiss them to death.

They didn't bring a deer home and so no, they did not catch one. Or shoot one for that matter.

"Want some breakfast?" Mr. Moon just asked me. This means...oh you know what it means.
"What do you boys want?" I asked him.
"Uh, eggs and sausage and grits?"
"Go get me some sausage," I said. And out to the garage he'll go to get some sausage and I guess I better get to cooking.

Glad I bought grits.

Amazed at this life. More amazed at the fact that it is a Sunday morning and I am happy to be living it, happy to be awake, daunted but not flattened by all I need to do. All I GET to do. This afternoon Mr. Moon and Billy will be working on the old Model T in the garage that belongs to Billy and which was his grandpa's and Shayla and Lily and Owen and Waylon will be here too. Baby boys and big boys doing boy things, and daughter and girlfriend.

A bright, shiny day laying before me and my face is in Chicago and my heart is here and in Mexico and there with you, wherever you are. I swear.

There's Mr. Moon with the sausage. Time to cook.

Sunday morning at the Church of the Batshit Crazy And all is well. All is very well.


  1. @ m.moon

    your face is everywhere but in coldasstown, germany i came here to get me some:-)

    @ jo

    oh c´mon cant steal my seat!!! i wnated to be the first commenteer...but i couldnt remember my password because i havent been here in years so i had to set it back...and when i come back you sit on my place..duh..evil :-)

  2. Jo- Hey you in Ireland! Can you feel me there, too?

    Danielle- And in Germany! I am so lucky to have people in so many places. Danielle- it is wonderful to hear your words again. I hope all is well.

  3. we are having banana oats and watching pbs and enjoying that you have 15 minutes of fame in chi-town

    all hail sunday!


  4. Oh sounds fun -- your day. Have a wonderful one!

  5. It's so hard to imagine deer catching in Florida! I think of alligators and sailboats.
    Love the sound of your day.

    xoxo dd

  6. Hello from Ireland, your words spread far and wide.. Always reading (bit quiet on the comments... Sorry) always loving your blog... Can you tell me what grits are??? Juls

  7. Mrs. A- Banana oats? Pray tell- what IS that?

    Elizabeth- It was mighty fun.

    21K- Yep. Lots of deer to catch in Florida. Not as big as the ones you have, though.
    We have plenty of alligators too. And sailboats.

    Juls- I love my Irish friends! Thanks for commenting. Grits are ground up dried corn which are cooked with water to make a sort of cereal which we here in the southern US eat with eggs. We think they're delicious. Sometimes we put cheese in them. They we call them "cheese grits." Yeah, we're creative like that. Cheese grits go especially well with fried fish. Oh yum.

  8. Oh I love grits....oh yes, with butter melting on top and a good shake of salt and pepper...mmmmm.....

  9. Sounds like a good day. Cold here as well. Nothing went bat shit today and nobody did either.


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