Saturday, January 7, 2012


That post I just wrote about seven things? They were supposed to be interesting. I apologize that they are mostly not. I wish I had tattoos or things to talk about but I don't.
Also, I think I am supposed to ask other people to do the same with a list.
So if you come here and read and feel inspired to do so, please do.
I would love to know more about all of you. I mean that.


  1. They are possibly the most interesting things and as eloquent as anyone could write

  2. They WERE interesting, and true and beautiful. I love you and your writing more with each post.

    And me too for most of what you wrote here.

  3. Oh Ms are always interesting. Why is it that we minimize ourselves? I mean I can talk for hours about interesting things about other people. People ask me the same and I've got nothing.

  4. They were totally interesting.xo

    wv: lables

  5. I thought they were totally interesting and very well put. I would be honored to know you!

  6. Syd- Again. I am honored.

    Mel- I'm sorry I don't have tattoos. Thank-you.

    Mel's Way- It is funny and I have no idea why it's like that.

    Madame King- Really?

    Kathleen Botsford- And I am sure I would be honored to know you as well. Thank-you.


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