Monday, January 23, 2012

Silver, Leather, And Parallel Universes

Do you see those earrings? Those shiny silver earrings?
Those are my earrings. The earrings I bought the first time I ever went to Cozumel and I bought them for ten bucks and they have been my favorite, favorites, ever since. My go-to, default earrings for when I needed to be fancy or feel prettier or braver.
And I thought I had lost them last March when we went to Gatorbone and stayed at a cabin at the state park and I have been in despair about losing them ever since. I also lost a pretty necklace, one of my favorites, and a pair of red earrings which are crystals swinging on chains which I love and they have a crazy history of their own involving loss and discovery.
Also, one funky silver bracelet.
I had thought that I must have left them all in the bathroom of that cabin in a little bag, perhaps on a shelf and I had even called the office at the park and no, no one had turned them in and I'd thought to myself that if I'd found them, it would have been mighty hard not to consider them a gift from the girly-gods and kept them for myself and I didn't really hold any grudges or beat myself up for losing them. I just missed them.

I have dreamed about finding those earrings so many times.
So many times that this evening, when I reached into a bag that I thought I'd searched fifty times, at least, and I found them, I thought, "Well. I must be dreaming."

I don't think I am. I found the little bag and it had the two pairs of earrings in it and the pretty necklace. The bracelet, she is still MIA. And who knows? Perhaps she is the ransom I have paid for my earrings which is fine and right and I do not mind. When I was in Mexico I looked everywhere for earrings like these old ones and couldn't find any that were like them at all although the ones I ended up buying have a similar shape and I do love them. They're the only earrings I've worn since I got home.
Until tonight.

I have this theory that belongings (especially jewelry) go into and come out of parallel universes and if you've got a better explanation for why things dis- and re-appear, I'd like to hear it. It's happened too many times to me to be explained by carelessness or forgetfulness. I am not a careless person when it comes to my jewelry.
For instance- I have had these earrings now for twenty-five years.
I think that leather bags may be depots of some sort for these parallel-universe-travelings. I lost a lid of pot once, a long, long time ago, in a leather purse and it was missing for weeks and then it reappeared as if by magic. Lid of pot. Haha! What an old, old hippie I am.

I don't know how the magic works.

I'm just so glad it does.

It is a quiet night and I am home from rehearsal and Mr. Moon is out of town and I can hear the distant rhythmic chirping of crickets and I am feeling peaceful. Tomorrow I will go to town for Lily's midwife appointment and I will get to hear that coming-soon baby's heartbeat. Or heart-beep, as we are wont to say around here. Another holy moment.

I think I will wear my earrings. My once were lost but now are found earrings.

Unless I am dreaming.

Night, y'all.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Lovely post, lovely picture and earrings. So glad they came back to you. I wonder if the woman in the parallel universe will miss them too. Can you teach me how to paint my lips like that?

  2. Oh - you've given me hope - I lost a gold bracelet years ago - I lost it before that, and found it in my junk drawer in the kitchen. Perhaps it will turn up again.

    I am so happy for you! I usually just find a 20 dollar bill and an old lipstick when I reach into a bag I haven't used in a while.

  3. You are so BEAUTIFUL.

    And so are your earrings.

  4. I am scattered around, and wish to be found, too. I'm so glad you've found your treasures.

  5. I believe in Borrowers. I really do. I am not kidding. I really do.

  6. Yeah, I think the parallel universe thing must be right. A lid? That is truly archaic. One of my nieces, when she was a little girl, used to laugh uproariously because I still said "groovy" (I don't anymore) and ate granola for dessert. Glad the magic returned your earrings.

  7. Bethany- It's L'Oreal Persistent Plum. I put that stuff on before rehearsal and it was still there hours later. That's it. No secret.

    Jeannie- Twenty dollar bills and a lipstick are nothing to sneeze at! I hope you find that bracelet.

    Beth Coyote- Photo Booth loves me.

    SJ- I was wondering if I shouldn't try sleeping with a leather bag over my head. One never knows...

    Birdie- Makes a LOT of sense.

    A- Hey! We are what we are! We are far out!

  8. I found a little sculpture I thought was lost lost lost. I was so unhappy. And then after we actually moved to the country house and I finally started unpacking things that I had started packing a year previous, I found it! I had packed it up but didn't remember.

  9. you are a beauty. the earrings too. enjoy wearing them to your holy moment with you baby and her baby and their midwife. and i do believe in parallel universes. absolutely and wholeheartedly.

  10. Glad that you found them. I hate losing something or even worse misplacing it.


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