Friday, January 20, 2012

We Persevere

GAWD! I remember soft contact lenses now. Yes, I did wear them. The way those little bastards turn themselves inside-out or have they? The pinchy thing you have to do on your eyeball to get them out. The muscle memory is there. No wonder I have dreams about Saran Wrap.
Plus, I can't see for shit. Seemed better yesterday. Maybe my brain is tired.

Anyway, let's give it a try. Why not?

Another beautiful day here in paradise. Thank god it's not too cold because we're down on the line of empty for heating gas. Dude was supposed to come yesterday but did not. Let's hope he comes today. I am not going anywhere today except for a walk. Owen's coming later. Yesterday in town was fun. I went over to Lily's after my eye appointment and Owen did not want to get out of bed. He was cold. He kept asking his mama to get back in the bed with him for snuggling purposes. We finally got him up and out and went and picked up the Beauteous May and we headed for the Target because that's what women do, right? I got the new baby a few things and we oohed and ahhed over the little girl clothes and then we pulled ourselves together and all declared that another boy would be FINE, LOVELY, WONDERFUL! and I bought Owen some toys, of course, and then we all went to lunch and Bop met us and Owen was in love with May and wouldn't have anything to do with his old Mer and then we Facetimed with Jessie in Asheville. She is recovering from her wisdom-teeth removal and oh! how we miss her.

Facetime is fun. iPhones are awesome.

I had exactly one hour to study lines before heading to Monticello for a Stage Company meeting. Why I am on the board of the Stage Company is beyond me. Kathleen has to keep explaining things to me. Like- what the Stage Company is. Then we had a rehearsal and Jack and Jan basically told us that IT IS NOW TIME TO PANIC, QUIT FUCKING AROUND, LEARN THOSE LINES FOR GOD'S SAKE!

So that was fun and then I came home to discover the no-gas situation and that yes, the men had caught a deer, or in reality, Jason had shot one. Which meant we sat down to eat our supper at ten and I had to wash a load of clothes because the dogs will EAT clothes that have deer blood on them and then we went to bed and WHERE IS MY OCEAN? WHERE IS MY BALCONY? WHERE IS MY LOVERMAN? WHERE IS MY HOT TUB FROM WHICH TO WATCH THE SUNSET, MY FISHES, MY JUEVOS MEXICANA, MY IGUANAS AND MY MOTOR SCOOTER?

And hell, while I'm at it, where are my memory, my mind, and my looks?

Okay. That about sums it all up except...what happened to my beautiful day? WHERE IS MY BEAUTIFUL DAY? The sun has gone behind a pewter-clouded sky and the wind is picking up. Wind? Where did THAT come from?

You know what, though? I'm still in a good mood. So there.

Happy Friday, y'all.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I knew what the caught meant. Well, there you go--deer meat for part of the year. And those sausages that you make.

    Yes, where did all those things go? I am going to make an effort to regroup over the next few days on the boat. The geographic cure!

  2. Maybe those things are in the couch cushions. Or the washing machine...

  3. This is not my beautiful wife. This is not my large automobile.

  4. I have a list of the rapidly vanishing, myself...

    In a plane on my way to Florida to see Bob's great-grandmother. Wish we could see your play!

  5. I rather like pewter-clouded skies. They relax my eyes.

  6. Holy crap. I have turned into an urbanite. Dogs will eat clothes with deer blood on them. Okay wow. I feel like I should shoot back with some urban wisdom. Um. Don't get on the 405 at rush hour?


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