Sunday, January 22, 2012

Violets Are Blooming And The Sap Is Already Rising

Jesus Christ. I just studied lines for 6.5 hours. Okay. I took a few breaks.

And I took a few pictures.

While walking around the back yard, doing my lines, I found three white violets which had opened. I was shocked. I don't know why. If the Japanese Magnolias are blooming, the violets can't be far behind. The white ones always open first and then the purple ones. When there are more than three, I will start tossing them in the salads.

I found one of Owen's animals in the back yard, too. His elephant. I wonder if he's missed it. I miss him. I'm studying my lines with my iPhone. I downloaded an app for a voice recorder and when I recorded some of my cue lines and then my responses last week, I was also following Owen around and his voice comes through on the recorder and it makes me feel sort of weakified with love and longing to kiss him. I can also hear Elvis and the train but they don't have the same effect.

Anyway, I found Owen's elephant and I posed it with a little piece of stick that has what is possibly a lichen on it (Syd? Kathleen? Anyone?) which is so common here I almost never notice it but's sort of beautiful.

I don't think I've ever taken the time to actually look at it close up.
I'm glad I did today. I need to learn more about it.

I love that color- it's almost the color of my kitchen and it looks like a cross to me between lettuce or a stag horn fern and some sort of sea creature. I swear to you- I have been around this stuff my entire life and it wasn't until tonight that I actually LOOKED at it.

Which makes me wonder, as it does whenever something like this happens- WHAT THE HELL ELSE AM I MISSING?

I swear to god. I should try getting stoned once in a while. You see more stuff like that when you're stoned. We won't even talk about what you see if you've ingested a few sacred and holy mushrooms.

But today's sight was not enhanced with anything but script-concentration and these contact lenses which, if anything, decrease what I see but maybe that actually causes me to look more carefully. Looking and seeing are of course two different things but one will lead to another.

For example: A husband who, after eating an omelet and sausage and biscuits with honey will wash the dishes and give you "that" look. You know the one. The one that leads to foolin' around.

It's been a good day.

Yes it has.

I am grateful for every damn bit of it.


  1. I ran lines for close to three hours today, especially working on the "phone sequence". I'm still about five pages short on that, but it'll come to me soon. I hope.

  2. Jon- I'm still soft on all of it. And that phone call scene?
    Oh hell yes. I have never in my life had to study this hard to get lines. Is it just me?

  3. Dang, the South! Where things bloom WAY before the rest of the country. We've got melting snow here!

  4. You and Daddy fooled around? Oh lord. Hehe, just playing... sort of...

    By the way, when is your play? Verge and I were thinking of dropping in town for a couple of days, Feb 9-12, or maybe other dates if that doesn't work well with the fam's schedules.

    Love you Mama.

  5. Lovin those lichens
    love you more

  6. Beth- Well. In August we die. So there is that.

    HoneyLuna- NO! We didn't fool around! I swear! (Haha.) Okay. The play opens Feb. 10. Come the week before. You don't want to see it. Really. You don't. But if you want to come Feb. 9 you'll see it.

    Kathleen- I THOUGHT they were lichens. God. I am so ignorant. Thank-you, baby. You the WOMAN!

  7. Ha! I loved this post. I LOVE the new header, and I LOVED the old one. And I REALLY LOVE that lichen! I'm trying to look real close too. Sometimes I think my brain is flashing back a little, because the littest things fascinate and distract me lately.

    Thanks for sharing your distractions with us. I've been reading, but not had the time to comment properly.

    Good luck with those lines, and isn't the iphone a wonderous thing? I marvel at mine daily, wondering how I ever managed without access to all this information.

    Hope you had fun foolin' around. :)

  8. I wish I could've fooled around today, and hey, Mel up there? I am trying like crazy to comment on your blog and it keeps freezing!! So, telling you that here, in hopes you spot it :)

  9. I think that this may be the foliose lichen Parmotrema praesorediosum. It is commonly found in your area. Very good photo!

  10. Uh huh. I was thinking that plant looked suggestive.

    We're really getting bold now, aren't we?

  11. Mel- Oh, foolin' around was nice. And yes, I love my iPhone and I've barely scratched the surface of what it will do. I think as we get older, we DO appreciate the tiny things. Isn't that cool? I think so.

    SJ- I'd fool around with you! Haha! I'm being silly. I love you, girl.

    Syd- God, I love my scientists! Thanks, sugar.

    Elizabeth- Next thing you know, we'll be wearing red high heels. And kickin' 'em up.

  12. Indeed! What else are we missing? Quite a bit, probably.
    But hey, you didn't miss That Look, did you?

  13. Denise- It's freaking impossible to miss that look.

  14. I love iPhones. Too unfortunate that they are built on the hard work and sweat of underpaid and probably underage Chinese.


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