Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Our last sunset and it was merely a slice of lemon which puddled into the sea and then slipped down.
No fire yet, although there may be.

I feel something too closely akin to panic to be comfortable.

Why I chose today to read Joan Dideon's Blue Nights is beyond me.

Why the wind is bothering me is a mystery. Rushing, rushing. Perhaps it reminds me of how tomorrow will be with packing up and returning the scooter and checking out and getting to the airport and, and, and...

We've been here forever, for one second, for a lifetime, for this breath's intake.

I wonder how the tiny fish manage to hang on in this current. I can see them, schooled up in the shelter of the coral, swaying with the waves, staying alive until it is calm again.


  1. Sometimes it seems we all are rather "hanging on". Oh but I would hate so much to have to leave such a beautiful and relaxing and honest place. However, there is good on this side also. :)

  2. I lOVE that description -"slice of lemon."

  3. Blue Nights is different from Year but still has moments of such sadness. I know the feeling of rushing. Getting ready to head home on Thursday.

  4. "staying alive until it's calm again." oh yes.

  5. "Staying alive until it's calm again."

    Dear lady, you are a poet.

    As sad as it is to leave there is always Owen waiting for you. Even the damn dogs. And your own bed. Ahhh!

  6. Home from vacation always elicits such mixed emotions.

    Safe travels.

  7. Finishing a vacation is killer. There's no getting around that kind of melancholy. Safe travels to you.


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