Sunday, January 15, 2012

More Cooking

Do you know why your mother's tuna casserole was so much better than yours will ever be?

Because she used that crappy tuna in OIL, y'all. And she used full-fat Cambell's cream-of-something soup and full fat cheese (or even better- VELVEETA!) and she did not use nor even consider using whole-grain pasta. No! She used white noodles. Or macaroni. Yes she did. You know she did.
And then she topped that puppy with MORE cheese and crushed up potato chips. Greasy, yummy, salty potato chips.

Fat carries flavor.

And that's why your mama's tuna casserole was so damn good.


  1. My mama never ever even considered making tuna casserole. She HATES fish.

    However, if she were in the habit of making the aforementioned dish, she would be a likely candidate to make it with whole grain noodles, corn flakes, and tuna in water.

    So maybe I'm glad she never makes it...

  2. mother never made a thuna casserole..but what she did was thuna canneloni....original italian of course..which measn fat fat fat

    i do it just like that.

    i remember when i came to the states for the first time...and how overwhelmed i was with all the diet products and half fat and non fat and non this and non that stuff


  3. I only had tuna casserole in middle school Home Ec. class. As I recall it was rather tasty. I did a Hamburger Helper once for my Love...that was the last time. He politely suggested not to do it again.

  4. And we're not allowed fat any more, are we, Ms Moon?

  5. And now that's what I want for dinner

  6. Yuck yuck yuck! My stomach utterly revolted at your description. I'm sure whatever you make is soooooo much better.

  7. My mother never gave me tuna in any shape, form, or fashion :) Yuck.

  8. That is exactly how my mother made the tuna casserole -- minus the cheese and it was fabulous. I loved the potato ships or fritos she put on top Joanne

  9. Thing is, I just can't get myself to switch over to whole wheat pasta.

  10. Murr Beth- Tuna casserole is wonderful! Even with whole-grain pasta. I swear.

    Danielle- I used to make a delicious spinach and tuna lasagne. With a white sauce. It was mighty fine. Yep. We Americans think of fat as sin. And yet, we're the fattest people on earth. Go figure.

    Ellen- I just love a casserole. I don't think I've ever met one I didn't like. I don't use Hamburger Helper but I'd probably like it if I did.

    Elisabeth- Oh hell NO!

    Rebecca- It's what I had for lunch!

    NOLA- Don't tell anyone but if I wasn't such a snob, I would make tuna casserole with Kraft Macaroni and Cheese with baby peas in it. And I would love it! But no, that is not how I make my tuna casserole.

    SJ- What? Did you get peanut butter? At least?

    Joanne- FRITOS! Awesome!

    Rubye Jack- I don't mind it so much but Mr. Moon sort of grieves.

  11. Ooohhh. Sigh. I just feel I've had my lifetime quota of full fat. I have to make up for a couple decades of hating vegetables.
    Hello, Cholesterol, do you hear me?

  12. Haha, I ate the shit out of some peanut butter. I was allergic to fish though, I should throw that in -- I had shots for about a zillion allergies from about 6 to...12 or so? Anyway. Now am allergic to nothing, but still just can't stand tuna.

  13. I cannot remember my mother making a tuna casserole. She did make some good macaroni and cheese with sharp cheddar. It was good. But her fried chicken was to die for.

  14. I don't know anything about tuna casserole but I just discovered my neighbour's biscuits, feathery and light and healthy tasting, are made with an obscene amount of butter. Sigh.

  15. Dang, woman, I'm trying to catch up on all the blog posts of yours I've missed and now you've done gone and made HONGRY for the fat-enriched tuna casserole of my youth. I have a cookbook of recipes from the good women of Marianna that has a receipt for tuna casserole that sounds much like what you have just described. Oh lord, Velveeta! I ate a shit-pile of that stuff as a kid - it's a wonder I ever had a bowel movement (my mom was a nurse - she inquired after said BM every day).


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