Monday, January 16, 2012

Nobody's Perfect

I have to leave for rehearsal in fifteen minutes. Last Thursday night I gave Jan my solemn word that I would know this script by today.

Despite everything, that is a lie.

I have studied and studied and studied. I have walked for hours and read each line (said each line) ten times apiece. Over and over again.
I have drunk too much coffee and numerous cups of tea.
Lord knows I have tried.
Lord knows I will keep trying.
Lord knows, this is why we have rehearsals.

The sun is about to set. I am about to drive to Monticello. I am reminding myself that yes, I do have to learn these lines, that's the serious truth, but overall, this is play.
I can only do as well as I can and then do that some more.

I just have to be. The best I can manage.

And I can honestly say I have and so what more can be said?
Tomorrow, as Scarlett O'Hara always said, is another day.

And why, asks Ms. Moon, is chocolate not a memory aid?



  1. No matter. You are going to be a star of the silver screen!

    All is well.

  2. pf is are a star anyway...break a leg break your more chocolate!!!

  3. Somehow it all comes together opening night and the audience is never aware of mistakes. So have fun with it! The worse thing that could happen is you miss a cue and everyone stares at you for a few seconds (which feels like eternity) then you remember your line and everything continues. And that is the very reason I love live theatre!

  4. As A said, chocolate is indeed a memory aid. I always ate a Snickers before an exam and I always made A's (as a re-entry student in college). So there you go! Also as Obi wan said, you must believe. Also as Ms. Moon said, this is play. Break a leg!

    btw, I love the new header.

  5. Tomorrow is another day, followed quickly by, frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn.

    I hope your rehearsal goes well!

  6. I could not do it. No way--well, maybe if I improvised. Good luck with it.


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